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Mario Pozza met the new Prefect His Excellency Dr. Sergio Bracco at the Prefecture in Belluno

05/03/2021 | Economy |  The Chamber of Commerce and the Prefecture of Belluno, an institutional network for the territory

Treviso, Friday 12th February 2021

A meeting in view of the important international appointments. President Mario Pozza met the new Prefect His Excellency Dr. Sergio Bracco at the Prefecture in Belluno.

It was a moment of meeting with His Excellency the Prefect to define, in addition to the issues that already see the Chamber of Commerce and the Prefecture collaborating since the beginning of my mandate - informed President Pozza - also other ideas of collaboration, in function of the growth of our territory, of the cooperation together with the Province, in function of the important appointments that await us in the coming years.

The already important collaboration between the Chamber of Commerce and the Prefecture focuses on:
  • The protection of legality through the existing convention that favors the use of the intelligent databases of the Chambers of Commerce by the Forces of Law and Order.
  • The digitalization of the PA
  • The platform "Impresa in un giorno" (Enterprise in one day) used by all the municipalities of the province of Belluno to process the requests that businesses send to the administrations of Belluno.
  • The Coordination Table for the health emergency that has helped a lot and is still helping our companies to unravel the rules of conduct and the measures of the Government to support the economy.
His Excellency the Prefect Dr. Bracco reiterated that he considers the role of the Chamber of Commerce strategic, especially as a subject of economic cohesion of the various sectors. In this particular moment of difficulty the Public Administration must be cohesive and collaborate.

We will see the crisis - underlined President Pozza - in a few months time when the incentives for companies will end. But we are positive, the recovery, with the resources that the Belluno area has, will certainly take place and we will bring tourists back to our valleys and mountains. We have important appointments ahead of us, first and foremost the Olympics.
I am pleased that the Prefect believes in collaboration, assuring his institutional support to encourage good administration and the enhancement of economic activities.

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