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Carlo Scarpa Award: Virtual tour of the exhibition

11/03/2021 | Events |  The Cappadocia exhibition is temporarily closed to the public. The exhibition will be visitable through the virtual tour

Source: Benetton Foundation Research Centre press office

Thursday 11th March 2021.

Following government regulations, the exhibition Cappadocia. Il paesaggio nel grembo della roccia (Cappadocia. Landscape in the lap of the rock), dedicated to the place chosen by the International Carlo Scarpa Award for Garden 2020-2021Güllüdere and Kızılçukur: the Valley of Roses and the Red Valley in Cappadocia, organized by Benetton Foundation Research Centre and curated by Luigi Latini and Patrizia Boschiero, is temporarily closed to the public.

While waiting to welcome visitors back to the exhibition venue at Ca' Scarpa, Benetton Foundation offers a virtual journey of discovery of the exhibition, available at www.fbsr.it.
A journey realized in collaboration with Fabrica, through which it will be possible to visit the exhibition set up on the four floors of Ca' Scarpa with a 360° view, which will allow visitors to enjoy the contents of the exhibition, thanks to the high-definition images, and to explore certain themes by choosing to consult some "additional materials", such as the short interviews with the curators and other scholars involved in various ways in this edition of the Carlo Scarpa Award, or the complete version of some of the texts published in the collective volume Güllüdere e Kızılçukur: The Valley of Roses and the Red Valley in Cappadocia (Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Antiga, Treviso 2020).

At the center of the exhibition, and of all the activities of the Carlo Scarpa Award, a place in Asia Minor that emerges from the long historical and geographical history of Cappadocia: two contiguous valleys carved into the volcanic rock, memory of an ancient civilization of living.
On the ground floor, the first section deals with the landscape of the valleys, referring above all to the sense of their crossing and to what testifies to the permanence of a traditional agriculture that coexists with the volcanic soil of the region. The second section, on the second floor, deals with the geological nature of the place in relation to the different forms of rock settlements that characterize the present architectures. The third section, on the second floor, gives an account of the astonishing pictorial heritage that characterizes the churches and other buildings excavated in the rocks, as well as the work of the Mission of the University of Tuscia engaged for decades on this front of research, restoration and enhancement. The first three sections use mainly photographic material, the work of Marco Zanin and the photographers of the Mission of the University of Tuscia, while the fourth offers visitors a cinematic documentary narration, with the screening of the film Güllüdere e Kızılçukur: la Valle delle Rose e la Valle Rossa in Cappadocia, directed by Davide Gambino, in collaboration with Gabriele Gismondi, of which, in this virtual journey, the trailer is made available.

The tour also allows visitors to discover the headquarters of Ca' Scarpa, the ancient Church of Santa Maria Nova, now a new exhibition and cultural space in Treviso, restored by Luciano Benetton with a project by Tobia Scarpa, and opened to the public for the first time with this exhibition.

The virtual tour is accessible from the website of Benetton Foundation Research Centrewww.fbsr.it.

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