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TICC Webinar Series - Thai Herb Business Industry | From 13th May to 17th June

23/04/2021 | Events |  1st Webinar on 13th May

Source: The Thai Italian Chamber of Commerce press office

thai italian chamber of commerce

The Thai Italian Chamber of Commerce is launching a series of webinars to educate more about the traditional pharmacopeiaof Thailand, focusing on the traditional medicine on Thai Herbs.

In cooperation together withtheMedicinal Plants Innovation Center of Mae Fah Luang University, Get It Fair,6-Infinity Co., Ltd, T. Man Pharma Co., Ltd., andOuay Un Dispensary Co., Ltd
TICC will be organizing a series of vibrant appointments between May to June, to inform, educate, and find new marketsin Thailand and Italy for botanical food supplements.

EP 1.Medicinal Plants Innovation Center of Mae Fah Luang University: Webinar Day : 13 May 2021
EP 2.GET IT FAIR: Webinar Day 19 May 2021
EP 3.T. MAN Pharma Co., LtdWebinar Day: 27 May 2021,
EP 4.Ouay Un Osoth Co., LtdWebinar Day: 3 June 2021
EP 5&66-infinityWebinar Day: 10 & 17 June 2021

For more informationCLICK

Stay tuned for theupcoming information andfirst webinar!

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