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Campagna Amica Treviso: 14 agritourisms for the first Agriscampagnate on the weekend of May 1 and 2

29/04/2021 | Events |  In addition to being open for lunch and dinner, only with outdoor tables, until 10:00 pm, the agritourisms promote the outing outside the door, on the lawns, in the green for couples and families

Source: Campagna Amica Treviso press office

There are 14 agritourisms in the Treviso area that have joined Agriscampagnate - the country picnic, a national initiative of Campagna Amica and Agriturismi di Campagna Amica for the weekend of May 1 and 2.

Initiative wanted to encourage the restart and start to open the doors of our agritourisms to finally welcome our friends and customers - says Loris de Miranda, president of Terra Nostra Treviso, the association of Coldiretti agritourisms -. It will be possible to book your own basket - Agribag with Campagna Amica products in 14 agritourisms to eat them on a lawn.

Various initiatives promoted by the various farms where it will be possible to carry out guided wine tasting while sitting comfortably in the meadow of the farm with the necessary distance and preventive measures covid, or ask to be able to use a special pitch or dedicated area in the farm.

The agritourisms as well as being open for lunch and dinner, only with outdoor tables, until 10:00 pm, promote the outing out of town, on the lawns, in the green for couples and families.

Here is the list of the agritourisms of Treviso that have joined in: Agriturismo Ai Colori di Paese, Agrit. Al Capitello di Monfumo, Agrit. Al Credazzo di Fregona, Agrit. Comaor di Onigo di Pederobba, Agrit. Andreina of Borso del Grappa, Agrit. Da Paradiso of San Zenone degli Ezzelini, Agrit. Da Zeffi of Spresiano, Agrit. Il Bosco Verde of Gorgo al Monticano, Agrit. La Dolza di Follina, Agrit. La Pila di Cison di Valmarino, Agrit. La Vigna di Sarah di Vittorio Veneto, Agrit. Mondragon of Tarzo, Agrit. Moro Barel di Confin di Vittorio Veneto, Agrit. Roccat of Valdobbiadene.

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