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Sunday, May 9 reopens the Archaeological Park of Livelet of Revine Lago

07/05/2021 | Events |  Sundays wide open spaces for picnics, barbecues and educational workshops

Source: Livelet Archaeological Educational Park press office

Revine Lago, May 6, 2021 - The Livelet Archaeological Educational Park in Revine Lago reopens on Sunday, May 9. Due to the anti-Covid restrictions the winter closing season has been, as last year, longer than expected. With the arrival of the warm season, the park will remain open for the moment every Sunday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. An excellent opportunity to spend a day outdoors, respecting social distancing.
A very large green area on Lake where you can find yourself for a picnic or a barbecue, thanks to the special barbecue stations. A park that is also didactic: the workshops for children with a Paleovenetian theme will start again on Sunday 9th May and will continue during the summer. Children will be able to experience archaeology, in a site known for the ancient Paleovenetian finds. The pile dwellings, instead, built like those of the prehistoric men, are at the moment closed for restoration works that the Forestry Department is carrying out on financing of the Province of Treviso, made necessary by the flooding of last winter: the visits guided by the experts of the park will start again on Sunday, May 23.

Through workshops and demonstrations, it will be possible to learn about daily life and habits of the inhabitants of a pile-dwelling village between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. On May 9, from 11:00 am, children can participate in the workshop Clay Party, touching the sediment with which prehistoric men built many of their objects. In the afternoon, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, there will be a demonstration on the functioning of the loom, used by the ancients to weave clothes and fabrics. Every Sunday a different aspect of archaeology will be dealt with: from cave paintings to precious flint, passing through the discovery of ancient Egypt.

The park will open to the public only by reservation and in total safety. The area is equipped with all the measures and precautions, necessary to cope with the delicate situation, and with trained staff, ready to meet the demands of visitors. As per current regulations, to access the park it will be compulsory to enter with a mask on and hands sanitized, always keeping a distance of 1 meter.

The park of Livelet - says Giovanni Follador, president of Unpli Treviso, which manages the property - reopens in total safety for visitors and in compliance with anti-counterfeiting regulations. We are pleased to have been able to activate workshops and demonstrations from the first day. The large spaces available in the midst of nature ensure respect for social distancing, while also offering opportunities for relaxation and learning.

The program of all the events is available, and constantly updated, on the website www.parcolivelet.it or on the Facebook page "Parco Archeologico Didattico del Livelet". For info and reservations, please contact the secretariat: Ufficio IAT Conegliano, Tuesday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, tel. 0438 21230, e-mail: segreteria@parcolivelet.it

During the opening days of the Park (Sundays and holidays) you can contact the number:
+39 329 2605713.

Since 2009, the Provincial Committee UNPLI Treviso has been managing, in agreement with the Province of Treviso, the Municipality of Revine Lago and in collaboration with the Pro Loco of Revine Lago, the Archaeological Park of Livelet, which every year has more than 19,000 visitors, including tourists and primary and secondary school students from all over the Veneto and neighboring regions. Over the years, thanks to the synergy between our realities and the network with different subjects and actors of the territory, Livelet Park has been enlarged with new spaces and structures and the educational and cultural proposals have been enhanced and diversified.

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