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Photographic Exhibition: the Park shows itself at Sant'Artemio in collaboration with the Province and the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations

19/05/2021 | Events |  Opening hours: weekdays from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Source: press office Province of Treviso

The Park of Sant'Artemio becomes an open-air museum with Il Parco sė Mostra: sguardi di ieri di oggi, the photographic exhibition set up along the tree-lined avenues of the headquarters of the Province of Treviso, realized with the support of Fast (Foto Archivio Storico Trevigiano della Provincia di Treviso) and FIAF (Federazione Italiana Associazioni Fotografiche).

Theme of the exhibition: Craftsmanship, Trade and Industry. Sguardi di ieri di oggi was inaugurated today by the president of the Province of Treviso, Stefano Marcon, and the curator Paolo De Wolanski.

The exhibition consists of historical images from the Photo Historical Archive of the Province of Treviso (FAST) alongside current photographs taken by authors belonging to FIAF photographic circles in the Treviso area.

On display in panels mounted on wooden supports that are completely respectful of the surrounding environment, are:

FAST - Giuseppe Mazzotti funds, Giuseppe Gnocato, Ettore Bragaggia, Aldo Nascimben, Orio Frassetto Borlui, Pro Loco Postioma, Archeologia Industriale

Exhibition Conegliano 2004

FIAF - Alessandra Barzi (Associazione Sguardi Fotografici), Simonetta Baiano (FotoClubCasier), Nazzareno Berton (Fiaf AFI and BFI), Melania Campobasso (FotoClubCasier), Fabio Cocchetto (FotoClubCasier), Alfio Adriano dal Poz (Associazione Sguardi Fotografici), Paolo de Wolanski (Associazione Sguardi Fotografici), Piergiorgio Giunti (FotoClubCasier), Chiara Oselladore and Luciano Piccolo (Associazione Sguardi Fotografici), Cristina Pillan (Associazione Sguardi Fotografici).

Established in 1989 to safeguard the photographic patrimony of Giuseppe Fini acquired in that year by the Province, FAST today has a digital catalog that can be consulted on-line by connecting to the site http://fastarchivio.provincia.treviso.it.

With this new initiative, the Provincial Administration of Treviso intends to promote the diffusion of photography, which is used daily by all of us with new technologies, but which can only be truly appreciated through a careful comparison with the past.

Il Parco sė Mostra: sguardi di ieri di oggi
Parco del Sant'Artemio - Via Cal di Breda 116 - Treviso

Opening hours: weekdays from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

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