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A full programme of summer events including period films, street dance masterclasses, a theatre festival and magical nights for children - The Enchanted Summer 2021

18/06/2021 | Events |  More than 100 evenings in the city centre and neighbourhoods and four months of programming

Source: Treviso Municipality Press Office

The Enchanted Summer is a project that enchants and fascinates, says Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno. The Chamber of Commerce and the economic categories have invested in the relaunch of tourism in the city. 

The Treviso Summer is back with a rich programme of more than 100 evenings of music and outdoor shows promoted by the Municipality of Treviso in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno. A summer dedicated to young people and to the great events hosted by the city: from the centre to the neighbourhoods there will be no lack of novelties such as the new festival at the Mario del Monaco Theatre - GIOIOSAETAMOROSA - promoted to support professional companies and theatrical performers, street dance masterclasses with Puppets Family and the renewed review "Cine d'Epoca" which this year, thanks to the synergy with the Salce Collection Museum, will be dedicated to Renato Casaro with the participation of great guests on the occasion of the special screening evenings with the "Victoria" charcoal machine. 
L'Estate Incantata is supported by Centromarca Banca Credito Cooperativo di Treviso e Venezia, by the main trade associations in the area, SAVE AerTre and the Consorzio del Prosecco DOC.  

Vintage cinema. Once again this year vintage cinema will return to the neighbourhoods, with exceptional sets and lots of fun organised by APPCI (Association for the promotion of travelling cinema), Cinemoving and Teatro che Pazzia with the support of the Veneto Region and CentroMarca Banca Credito Cooperativo di Treviso e Venezia. There will be three evenings of special screenings with the 1959 "Victoria" coal camera: on 15 July at the Chiesa Votiva "Guardie e Ladri" by Monicelli (with Totņ and Aldo Fabrizi), on 5 August in Piazza dei Signori there will be "Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo" by Sergio Leone (with Clint Eastwood) and on 26 August, in the Chiostro di Santa Margherita, "Balla Coi Lupi". Cine d'Epoca will begin on 18 June with "Benvenuti al Nord" (Welcome to the North), screened in the area of Via del Galletto which is currently hosting the Santa Ebbasta Paletto Festival.   It will continue in the following weeks with "To Rome with love", in the Chiostro Santa Margherita (25th June), "10 giorni senza mamma", in Piazza Martiri di Belfiore in Santa Maria del Rovere (2nd July), "Tuttapposto", in the car park next to the San Liberale Church (6th August), "Mamma e Papą", in San Paolo in the car park next to the Park "I ragazzi di Utoya", viale Francia (13 August), "Il Libro della Giungla", in the area outside the Circolino di San Giuseppe (20 August) and "Joy", in Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore (27 August). 

GIOIOSAETAMOROSA - Treviso Contemporary Theatre. Another novelty of Estate trevigiana 2021 is the Festival "GIOIOSAETAMOROSA - Treviso Contemporary Theatre review scheduled from 8 to 10 July. The project is the brainchild of the Comitato Teatro Treviso with the patronage of the Municipality of Treviso in collaboration with the Teatro Stabile del Veneto, Tema Cultura and Progetto Giovani. The kermis is part of the rich constellation of city festivals and its name is already rooted in the creative fabric of the territory. "GIOIOSAETAMOROSA" presents itself as a contemporary theatre festival that aims to involve not only artists and professionals, but the entire population. The contemporary theatre festival, which also includes four creative processes - workshops - open to all, and meetings between guest artists and the public, will be in full swing from 8 to 11 July, with three performances and public presentations of the creative processes in three different locations in the city. One of the shows will be chosen through a public call addressed in particular to young professionals from Treviso and the Veneto region.
Anime Rock. Anime Rock is the new formula chosen by the Teatro dei Pazzi for the summer season.  The "format", which will be staged in the Loggia dei Cavalieri, promises to be particularly appealing, especially for young people, who will be guided to the discovery of life stories of people who have left their mark on the world of music. Some "Rock Biographies" will be proposed, where rock does not mean the musical genre of the protagonist of the story but the lifestyle reflected in his works. The literary part in prose will be combined with musical accompaniment taken from the songs that have made the protagonists of the biographies immortal, with the aim of reaching the widest possible audience.  Tuesday 27 July will see the staging of "THE SUBSTANCE OF AMY", a concert-tale of Amy Winehouse's life, because what will remain of her are her songs and her refusal to accept any imposition. Tuesday 10 August, with "So long Marianne", will tell the story of Leonard Cohen, a poet, novelist and songwriter with a refined and introspective style; his life marked by all kinds of experiences, not least the Zen philosophy that changed his life.   Anime Rock will close on 24 August with "Kurt Cobain - La Frattura Del Cuore" dedicated to the Nirvana frontman, one of the most beloved talents but also one of the most tormented people the music world has ever known.
Music and dancing among the stars. The Enchanted Summer is also about music and dancing among the stars with the double festival "Some Like Swing" (25-27 July) and "Dance TV one metre from the dance" (19 June, 29 July, 31 August).  "A qualcuno piace swing" will bring three evenings dedicated to the music born in the 1920s in the United States to Piazza Santa Maria dei Battuti under the artistic direction of Luisa Trevisi, Carlo Colombo and Valeria Bruniera. On Wednesday 25 August there will be "Aglio, Olio E Swing" (Garlic, Oil and Swing), songs inspired by the classics of Italian music from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, reworked in the gypsy and jazz tradition. On 26 August it will be the turn of "Giazzati 5et", with a repertoire of Italian Swing from the 20s to the 60s and songs by artists such as the Trio Lescano, the Cetra Quartet, Gorni Kramer and others. It will close on 27 August with Carlo Colombo 4et, which will bring original songs and covers in a jazz-swing key and a tale of everyday life stories accompanied by jazz musicians of national level.

"Dance TV", on the other hand, will feature three afternoons dedicated to dance with street dance lessons organised by Puppets Family with the participation of internationally renowned guests. On Saturday 19 June, from 5 p.m. to 8.30 p.m., a dancer from Amici '18 will hold a Master Class at Villa Margherita. On 29 July, in Piazza Rinaldi, there will be Martina Toderi, an internationally famous hip pop dancer. Dance Tv will close on Tuesday 31 August with Jesus Guia, dancer and choreographer, at the Bastione S. Marco.  E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle is the third musical event to be held under the Loggia dei Cavalieri with pianist Giulia Vazzoler. The first evening, "Nomos", will be held on 9 July with the lawyer Stefano Marrone, between music and law. On 10 July, at 9 p.m., there will be the Gran Galą di Opera Lirica with the soprano Lieta Naccari and the opera voices of the territory. It will close on Sunday 11, at 6 pm, with "Carnevale di Venezia - Summer Edition", featuring the Carnival Maries: music, dance and costume shows. There will also be "Magic Nights" for adults and children alike, with theatrical performances for families by the Compagnia Teatrale gli Alcuni, which will perform every Wednesday and Sunday at 5 pm under the cedar tree in the Parco degli Alberi Parlanti 

(booking required at info.parco@alcuni.it) and "Un teatro col Tetto di stelle". 

The Chief and Assistant, Meatball and Candy, the Bubble Wizard and many other companies will bring the funniest acts for young and old to the stage. Come and spend a safe day among century-old plants, a pond where fish and turtles live, a well-stocked cafeteria and shady paths that will allow you to discover all the corners of this green lung not far from the historical centre.  At weekends, the educational family trails "Leo da Vinci's machines" and "Dragons, dinosaurs and extinct animals" will also be open in the park.

Itinerant Theatre. The Itinerant Theatre, a reference to the traditional Venetian Commedia dell'Arte, will start on 29 July (at 9.15 pm) with six free events. The first evening will see the curtain rise on "Sorellastre" with the Febo Teatro company in the Arena Aurora (Chiesa Votiva). It will continue with "Commedia in Barca" by the Compagnia Gazza Ladra at the Circolino San Giuseppe (12 August), "Il gran Grandinģ" at the Piazzale del Noi di San Paolo, via Grecia, (19 August), Pinocchio Cantastorie, in the Piazzale della Chiesa di Fiera (2 September), "Il Dottor Divago" in the courtyard of the oratory of Monigo. On Thursday 9 September a tribute to Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello will be staged by the G.A.T. Treviso "Tordini".

The Enchanted City. The heart of the summer programme will be the events of the "Enchanted City". The Chiostro di Santa Margherita will host brilliant prose comedies in language and/or dialect.  Tuesday 6 July will take the stage "Il Satiro" of Paese with "Tu chiamale se vuoi...influenze" by Fulvio Ervas directed by Nora Fuser.  On Tuesday 13 July at 9 p.m. the Teatro Fuori Rotta in Padua will present "Novecento la Leggenda del pianista sull'Oceano" by Alessandro Baricco (directed by Gioele Peccenini). On 17 July it will be the turn of "I primi veneti sulla Luna" (The First Venetians on the Moon), theatre and direction by Giovanni Giusto.  

(Admission free and free info: 3470638361/3351232805) Theatre to eat and drink

Also eagerly awaited is the series of events "Il Teatro da mangiare e da bere", a Tema Cultura production that will combine the beauty and magic of the theatre with the tradition of Treviso conviviality.  After the success of the first season, the great cultural movida returns. The association directed by the director Giovanna Cordova proposes a programme of five appointments "to be enjoyed", organised at aperitif and dinner time: from Friday 27 August to Saturday 11 September in some of the most popular leisure venues in Treviso, live theatre and music performances will be staged, including a regional premiere, "Stand up, Chinaglia! "a series of comic monologues written and performed by the Venetian actress Cristina Chinaglia, some of which were performed in a duet with Serena Dandini on the TV programme "Stati Generali" on Rai 3 and then on "Colorado" on Italia 1. The undisputed protagonist of the event will be the city of Treviso, with its squares, alleys and taverns acting as a stage.

InLuogo. InLuogo will be a "site specific" event of theatre, dance and music under the artistic direction of Valeria Fornoni and Zeno Piovesan and with Eleonora Fuser, Maurizio Berta and Aurelio di Virgilio. On 4 September, at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., the Compagnia Stabile del Leonardo in collaboration with the Prato In Fiera association. The event is structured in several stages and based on the resumption of some structural elements of the dramaturgy of Greek tragedy (prologue, parodo, episodes, stasimus and exodus) and on the open-air reworking of the architecture of the theatre building with the aim of connecting the morphology of the territory and its anthropological characteristics to the theatre. The event will take place in the space of the Piccolo Circo and the grass lawn now adjacent. In the Piccolo Circo there will be a sound installation, aimed at immersing the spectator in a sort of "living organism", which comes to life from a musical score, created by the composer Maurizio Berta, thanks to the recording and processing of sounds from the place itself, developed in a concrete and evocative dimension of Prato della Fiera. 

(Email contacts: info.inluogo@gmail.com Email info.inluogo@gmail.com 3495095588/ 3405988109)

A theatre with a roof of stars Un Teatro col tetto di stelle (A theatre with a starry roof) will kick off the 25th "Andrea Cason" Puppet and Figure Theatre Festival, which will reach its 25th anniversary in 2021. A sort of "Silver Wedding" with the City of Treviso. The Festival, a constant presence in the programming of Estate Incantata and in Reteventi Regione Veneto, counts in its past calendars 170 evenings, about 40,000 spectators, a wide range of shows and techniques of puppetry and mixed produced and represented by companies and professional solo artists from all over Italy and abroad.  It will start on Tuesday 15 June with "Il Castello di Tremalaterra" at the Festival Santaebbasta - Strada del Galletto. On 6 July, "Fagiolino e il terribile "Cavalier Sbregafegati" (Beans and the terrible "Cavalier Sbregafegati") will be performed in the parish area of Monigo, on 13 July "C'era due volte un piede" (Twice there was a foot), in the Pro loco area of Sant'Angelo, on Tuesday 20 July "Arlecchino e la dolce Marianna" (Harlequin and the sweet Marianne), at the CRAL ospedalieri dell'ospedale Ca' Foncello, on 28 July "Camminando Sotto il Filo" (Walking under the wire) in Sant'Ambrogio di Fiera, on 3 August "A spasso con sandrone show" (Walking with Sandrone) in Santa Maria del Rovere. Finally, on Wednesday 11 August, "Stories from the skies of the world" in the Loggia dei Cavalieri (free admission with prior booking).

I'll tell you about Treviso. In the Treviso summer there will also be "Ti racconto Treviso", organised by IAT Treviso centro with UNPLI Treviso: this is a cycle of exclusive evening guided tours to special sites in the historic centre of Treviso. Six characters, i.e. six tourist guides from the Associazione Guide di Marca, will come back from the past to the present day to talk about their places.  Each evening will include three rounds of visits lasting 30 minutes: 8.00 pm, 8.45 pm, 9.30 pm. Here are the dates: Wednesday 30 June, Ca' Spineda; Wednesday 14 July, Teatro Comunale Mario Del Monaco; Wednesday 28 July, Ca' dei Carraresi; Wednesday 11 August, Giardini di Sant'Andrea; Wednesday 25 August, Palazzo Giacomelli; Wednesday 8 September, Biblioteca di Cittą Giardino "A. Zanzotto". 

(Participation is free of charge, reservation required at info@turismotreviso.it).

With more than 100 events, the Trevisan Summer is preparing to animate the City -, stresses Mayor Mario Conte. Music, dance, international guests and "events within events". We wanted a new start under the banner of beauty and sharing, and that is what happened. I would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for its fruitful cooperation and all the other partners who supported the project, as well as Councillor Colonna Preti for having created, in close synergy with the organisers, an agenda of events for all ages and all tastes. But above all, quality content that will further enhance the 34 locations.

This year we wanted to focus strongly on music, theatre and dance, as well as on enhancing the great events that are characterising the city, such as the exhibition dedicated to Renato Casaro and the great musical productions -, emphasises the Councillor for Cultural Heritage and Tourism Lavinia Colonna Preti. We strongly believe in promoting our excellence. It is in the territory, in fact, that we find enthusiasm, uniqueness and beauty.

The Enchanted Summer is a project that enchants and fascinates, says Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno. The Chamber of Commerce and the economic categories have invested in relaunching tourism in the city.

We would like to thank:

Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno, Fondazione Marca Treviso, Gruppo Save, AerTre, Consorzio del Prosecco Doc, Centromarca Banca, Assindustria Venetocentro, Confcommercio, Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana, Coldiretti Treviso, Campagna Amica.

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