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President Pozza re-elected by acclamation

23/06/2021 | Economy |  Newly elected and reconfirmed councillors. Words from President Zaia

Source: press office Presidency

On 22 June the newly elected and confirmed councillors met at the Treviso headquarters to re-elect Mario Pozza as President of the Treviso-Belluno-Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce by acclamation.

The words of the President: I thank the newly elected and reconfirmed councillors for my election by acclamation that gives continuity to this mandate.

I thank President Zaia for his words.

Priority will be given not only to the restoration of the Chamber's headquarters in Treviso but to the redevelopment of the entire area. I am optimistic that the 5 million euro will be made available to companies, which I can assure you are relying on us.

All the best to the team!

(AVN) Venice, 22 June 2021

Congratulations and my best wishes to Mario Pozza. The challenge of relaunching the economy in the territories needs experienced and determined men like him. Wherever it is possible to collaborate, the Region is there. With these words, the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, greeted the reappointment of the President of the Belluno-Treviso Chamber of Commerce by acclamation.

Treviso and Belluno - although with very different characteristics,Zaia added - are two locomotives of the regional economy. In this difficult historical moment, continuity was a significant factor. The fact that we have achieved this with the greatest possible unity, by acclamation, is a demonstration of our great ability to work as a team. A team - concludes Zaia - that, with a coach like Pozza, will know how to go far and be a winner.

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