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Anci Veneto President Mario Conte with Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza visit Infocamere headquarters in Padua

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Source press office Unioncamere Veneto

Mario Conte, President of Anci Veneto: working as a team to support the digitalisation process of municipalities and effectively manage PNRR resources.

The President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza: Infocamere's tools are available to Anci Veneto to contribute to the development of the territory.

The President of Anci Veneto, Mario Conte, together with the President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, visited the Infocamere headquarters in Padua. The visit was also an opportunity to reiterate the importance of Suap, the one-stop shop for productive activities, which represents an instrument of administrative simplification that aims to coordinate all the obligations required for the creation of companies and which in the 393 municipalities in Veneto where it is active has given results by cutting down on bureaucracy.

InfoCamere is the company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce for digital innovation. Starting with the management of the Register of Companies - the national economic registry - it creates technologically advanced services to support businesses and communities in order to meet the needs of entrepreneurs, professionals and citizens in the face of the continuous evolution of economic and regulatory systems. It designs and develops solutions to simplify the relationship between businesses and Public Administration with the aim of ensuring favourable conditions for the continuous evolution and transformation of business activities, acting in support of the competitiveness of the Country System.

During the meeting, the foundations were also laid for an increasingly solid synergy between Unioncamere Veneto, Anci Veneto and Infocamere, particularly on the themes of digitalisation, management of PNRR resources and the importance of databases for planning and the choices to be made on the territory.

The intention is to create a synergy at Veneto level between the Region, Anci Veneto, Unioncamere Veneto and Infocamere in order to be able to programme PNRR investments and make effective use of the resources arriving from Europe, which are fundamental not only for the municipalities but for all the players in the regional economic system.

The President of Anci Veneto, Mario Conte, stressed the importance of the collaboration process: what we are going through is a fundamental phase for the municipalities and territories, particularly if we want to get the PNRR resources on the ground. For this reason it is necessary to work as a team, and we are working with Unioncamere Veneto and Infocamere on a number of services for mayors and municipal administrations.
I would like, however, to underline the quality of the Infocamere structure in Padua, an example of innovation and avant-garde technology that certainly represents an asset to be exploited. The services offered by this structure are real working tools for us administrators because they can provide us with elements of analysis preparatory to the programming choices we have to make in the territory.

President Mario Pozza commented on the meeting: The synergy with Anci Veneto is a consolidated factor. Our intention is to work alongside and support the municipalities in the digitalisation process, but also in the management of PNRR resources, which will be strategic for the future of our economic system. Today we have put on the table a number of important collaborative projects that I am sure will find their synthesis in the coming years. Today's meeting confirms the willingness of Veneto Institutions to work as a team, and the Region will certainly play a leading role in this process.

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