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Statement by President von der Leyen on a new milestone in the EU Vaccines Strategy

27/07/2021 | Economy | 

Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service

The EU has kept its word and delivered.

Our target was to protect 70% of adults in the European Union with at least one vaccination in July. 

Today we have achieved this target.And 57% of adults already have the full protection of double vaccination.

These figures put Europe among the world leaders.

The catch-up process has been very successful- but we need to keep up the effort.

The delta variant is very dangerous.I therefore call on everyone - who has the opportunity - to be vaccinated.For their own health and to protect others.

The EU will continue to provide sufficient volumes of vaccine.

The statement is availableonline.

Please note that Presidentvon der Leyenwill read out thispress statementtodayat10:30 CETin English, French and German, as a service to audio-visual media.

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