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Project + Resilient

28/07/2021 | Spotlight |  A European project with European partners for the mountain social economy

Source: press office Chamber of Commerce Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti

+Resilient is the project that aims to contribute to solving the critical issues that are holding back the development of the mountain economy - underlines the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno |Dolomiti Mario Pozza -. Thanks to this project we are studying new solutions to arrive at a shared strategy. Our Chamber of Commerce, already in the last EU programming period 2014 - 2020, has carried out a very significant action by presenting three project proposals in the role of Lead Partner in the three Interreg Italy/Austria calls for proposals, being eligible and receiving a contribution for all three, and has been a partner in two other Interreg and Alpine Space projects, gaining significant experience in the management of EU funds.

One of the drivers of the economy are good practices, shared models, innovative ideas. Since the beginning of my first mandate, the difficulty of identifying local examples of social innovation to use as a reference and shared benchmark has continued. I am sure there are some, and I am also aware of the role of the Chamber as a stimulator of innovation projects and new collaborations. This is what we are working on with +Resilient.People and communities are the energy of a territory, -emphasises Chamber of Commerce President Pozza.

With the +Resilient European project we are trying to identify specific local characters instead of general categories. To be more specific, - says Pozza, - the focus is not on a single reality, but on a network of actors who know how to dialogue together in an active manner with the aim of contributing effectively to triggering local processes of social innovation.

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