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Pozza: for all trade associations in Treviso, Belluno and the Chamber's subsidiaries, spaces are available on trevisobellunosystem to promote your initiatives in the interests of businesses, the territory and citizens.

30/07/2021 | Economy |  We continue to network, communicating with transparency gives confidence about what we are doing together and, in a network, with individual structures.

Source: Press Office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti

Dear Presidents and Directors of the trade associations and Chamber subsidiaries in Treviso and Belluno. I would like to point out, as always, that you can actively use the publication spaces of the territorial marketing portal Trevisobellunosystem for communications from your trade associations concerning events, courses, communications, and opportunities of interest to businesses, the territory and citizens. 

The news sent will be published within 48 hours. They will be accompanied by the logo of the association, which you are kindly requested to enclose, or by photos that you send us, which must be free of copyright. We will follow the editorial line of the portal, as you know, in fact, the news are divided, to facilitate reading, into different topics listed below:

Your press releases will also be published in the monthly newsletters in Italian and English. In the latter we will select news that may be of interest to foreign markets or foreign investors.

We continue to network, transparency in communication gives confidence and an overview to citizens and businesses of what we are doing together and in the network, with the individual structures. I would like to remind you that there is a section dedicated to register your company for a promotion in 5 languages of companies in the Veneto region.
Click the link: https://bit.ly/3qgOfpA

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno

Mario Pozza

To send your communiqués write to:

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