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Innovative probe makes it easier to recover from avalanches

06/08/2021 | Events |  News from the Resyst project - Speed and safety in rescue operations

Source: press office Dolomiticert

Longarone, 5 August 2021 - Innovation enclosed within an ordinary tube could save many lives: we are talking about the probe at the heart of the RESYST research project, which saw its first post-Covid meeting yesterday.

"RESYST-Rescue devices for winter activities" is a project co-financed by the Interreg V-A Italy-Austria Programme - CLLD DolomitiLive, whose lead partner is Dolomiticert and whose partners are Soccorso Alpino dell'Alpenverein Südtirol and MICADO of Oberlienz, a company specialised in product development and equipment construction.
The project - whose name is a reference to REscue SYSTem, "rescue system" - was created to support rescuers: to design a probe to quickly make a hole in the event of an avalanche and to test a safer anchoring system for operations on snow and ice.
The study starts from the consideration that climate change has a great influence on the conditions of alpine terrain and poses new challenges for high mountain users.

At the MICADO table in Oberlienz, the project team discussed the progress made in the field of probing. In the new device devised by the researchers, both the video camera and the ARTVA have been placed: once this innovative system has been implemented and tested, the intervention time will be halved. It is important to remember that rescuers need to use versatile and simple equipment in the event of an accident, which can guarantee rapid intervention and provide safety, especially in stressful situations. Reducing time is therefore crucial.

The team will meet weekly to monitor the progress of the study: for further information, please do not hesitate to contact Dolomiticert's Europlanning Department.

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