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The migration Conundrum: Challenges for a Common European Response

26/08/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  6 September 2021, 3pm CEST

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Concerning migration management, the EU seems to be stuck in a rut. Despite proposals made last September of a New Pact on Migration and Asylum, only very few steps have been taken since to materialize concrete changes. The latest increase in arrivals (and victims) along the Central Mediterranean route as well as the recent diplomatic crisis between Morocco and Spain were not followed by tangible results in the last European Council of 24-25 June. What can EU countries and their partners do to govern migration in a spirit of collaboration and solidarity? How to strike common ground among member states for a comprehensive reform of European migration policies?

The migration Conundrum: Challenges for a Common European Response
06 September, 3pm CEST

Panel Discussion

Chiara Cardoletti
Representative to Italy, the Holy See and San Marino, UNHCR
Julien Simon
Regional Coordinator for the Mediterranean, ICMPD
Matthieu Tardis
Research Fellow, Center for Migration and Citizenship, IFRI

Matteo Villa
Research Fellow, ISPI

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