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President Mario Pozza: Fight against agro-criminals. Unioncamere Veneto in the front line with a regional project.

28/08/2021 | Economy |  Resources and collaborations are being deployed for a solid and structured project at regional level that also involves other institutions such as the Region and other trade associations, starting with Coldiretti.

Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office

President Mario Pozza, speaking on the subject of agro-criminals, announced that: Unioncamere Veneto is working on an important project at regional level, which has already been approved by the Council, in order to implement concrete actions to fight a worrying phenomenon that closely affects a region, such as Veneto, which has agriculture as a leading sector of GDP. Unioncamere Veneto has been working for years on the legality front, with important initiatives throughout the Region, such as collaboration with the police through a series of protocols that provide, among other things, for the provision of the enormous wealth of data available to the chamber system.

Among these initiatives, the fight against agro-criminal practices plays a major role. This is why the Veneto Unioncamere Council recently decided to put resources and cooperation into play for a solid and structured project at regional level, which also involves other institutions such as the Region and other trade associations, starting with Coldiretti.

The chamber system is already active on this front with the initiatives implemented by the territorial Chambers of Commerce, but it was decided to bring together energies and resources in a regional project able to involve all territories in a univocal and structured way. Unioncamere Veneto is currently working on the definition of initiatives and actions to be carried out in the coming months in order to make the fight against agro-criminals operational.

This project confirms the willingness of the chamber system to fight the phenomenon of mafia infiltration in agriculture, which risks infiltrating our territories as well, considering that the considerable resources of the PNRR addressed to the sector may represent an opportunity for mafias to seize, thus polluting an agriculture of excellence such as that of Veneto. Unioncamere Veneto is therefore in the front line in the fight against this phenomenon, confirming that legality is a fundamental and unavoidable factor.

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