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Social alliance to spread scientific news in agriculture - Fieragricola and CREA

09/09/2021 | Events |  Towards the 115th edition of the Verona International Agricultural Show - 26-29 January 2021

Source: Veronafiere Press Office

The first appointment will be live Instagram on Thursday 9 September at 17:30 on the event channel. President of VeronaFiere, Maurizio Danese: Agriculture is called to sustainable innovation, partnership with Crea strategic for effective scientific dissemination and to provide an even better service to the community of the agricultural sector whose development and updating we have supported for over 120 years in step with the times.
Verona, 8 September 2021. Fieragricola, the international agriculture exhibition scheduled at Veronafiere 26-29 January 2022, and Crea (the Italian Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics), Italy's most important agro-foods research body, are teaming up for a scientific dissemination mission on Instagram and the main social channels of the Verona exhibition on the eve of its 115th edition.

The first appointment of Fieragricola Talks, scheduled for Thursday 9 September at 5.30 pm, will be dedicated to zootechnics, a live Istagram broadcast on the official Fieragricola channel (@fieragricolavr), while others will be broadcast on the event's social platforms. Some in-depth analysis will be dedicated to organic farming, a model supported by the EU and to which VeronaFiere has dedicated B/Open, scheduled on 9 and 10 November (in attendance).

The path of innovation continues for one of the most important exhibitions dedicated to agriculture on a European scale, - said the President of VeronaFiere, Maurizio Danese. Agriculture is called upon to consolidate a sustainable production approach that is environmentally friendly and, at the same time, aimed at reducing waste, cutting emissions, improving field yields and production quality. To combine productivity and ecological transition, the agricultural world needs in-depth specialisation and Crea, with its network of researchers, experimental companies and cutting-edge projects, is an ideal partner to explain the progress being made.
As Fieragricola, we want to disseminate them in an immediate, smart and easy-to-understand manner, using social platforms, thanks to the availability of Crea professionals, to provide an even better service to the community of the agricultural sector whose development and updating we have been supporting for over 120 years in step with the times.

CREA, the Italian agency for research and experimentation in the agri-food sector, -explains Carlo Gaudio, CREA President, - could not miss the appointment with Fieragricola, especially at a delicate time like this, when the Country System is facing the delicate phase of restarting and the epoch-making challenge of the National Reform Programme, not forgetting the global scenario, conditioned by progressive and impressive demographic growth and the effects of greenhouse gases on climate change. In this context, research and innovation play a fundamental role in defining effective solutions for tomorrow's agriculture. CREA researchers are ready to team up with the agricultural world, sharing knowledge and skills so that research contributions can leave the laboratories and usefully reach those who need them.
Fieragricola has chosen to maintain the transversal exhibition approach, with specialised vertical supply chains, a solution considered by farmers and operators as an added value. Alongside agricultural mechanisation, animal husbandry, high added value production such as vineyards and orchards, agropharmaceuticals, fertilisers, seeds and services for the primary sector, in view of the 115th edition Fieragricola has introduced two specific areas with a high level of innovation: the digital agriculture exhibition and the agro-energy exhibition, in line with the green objectives of European agriculture, from the CAP Reform to the Green Deal.

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