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Assegno Unico Figli, more than 4 thousand applications between Treviso and Belluno

15/09/2021 | Economy |  Since 1 July, when the transitional measure was launched, applications have been received from 2,051 families in the Marca and 280 families in Belluno.

Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti

Treviso, 14th September 2021. More than 4 thousand applications for Temporary Allowance for Minor Children. This is the number of dossiers registered by INPS since 1st July in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno to access the transitional benefit to support parenthood and childbirth while waiting for the implementation of the Assegno Unico Universale (Universal Single Allowance), which will reorganise, simplify and strengthen the measures to support families with dependent children starting from 2022.

In detail, 3,634 applications have been submitted so far in the Marca region on the INPS web portal or through patronage for 2,051 households, of which 883 with one child, 824 with two children, 344 with 3 or more children. In the province of Belluno there are 480 applications received by the National Institute of Social Security for 280 families, 133 with one child, 108 with two children, 39 with three or more children.

The Temporary Allowance for Minor Children, which I strongly urge people to use, is an immediate support to families and self-employed workers, - urges Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti and President of Unioncamere Veneto. -Veneto is characterised by a widespread presence of family businesses that until now have not been entitled to the Assegno per il Nucleo Familiare (ANF), but now they will be able to take advantage of this new tool aimed at providing support, especially in this pandemic situation.

This is a vision of foresight if we look at the fact that it favours business continuity on the part of future generations of self-employed workers and to look with greater confidence at starting a family and having children. Thanks to INPS data on applications submitted so far in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno, we can see that it is essential to raise awareness of this tool, which is not yet widely used.

The Single Allowance represents a paradigm shift for our country - Adriano Bordignon of the Forum of Family Associations of Veneto and of the Family Centre of Treviso says - that must be accompanied culturally. To do this, it is necessary to build an alliance between institutions, the world of business and work, and Family Associations, to relaunch a more family-friendly culture that can improve people's lives and reverse the negative Italian demographic trend.

The data show that the number of applications is still far below the potential pool of beneficiaries, -commented Antonio Pone, director of INPS Veneto. -This is why it is essential to inform workers and promote initiatives like this one, in which all the actors of the system team up to spread the knowledge of the opportunities offered by the legislator.

Today's meeting is of fundamental importance because it closely touches on an issue such as the family, which concerns the present and especially the future of our territories. The single allowance is certainly a useful tool for all those families who today need support to make ends meet, but it is above all a positive signal for all those young people who want to have children, - said ANCI Veneto President Mario Conte. - The mayors are in the front line in promoting the birth rate because we are convinced that giving our young people the opportunity to build a life project means giving lifeblood to our territories and communities. Unfortunately, today's data tell us that the birth rate trend continues to be negative, but as this meeting shows, municipalities are ready to work as a team with other institutions and local stakeholders to identify solutions, ideas and effective projects.

What is the Temporary Allowance for Minor Children (Decree-Law No. 79/2021)?

Decree-Law No. 79 of 8 June 2021 introduced for the period from 1 July to 31 December 2021 a transitional benefit called "Temporary Allowance for Minor Children". The measure, approved by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate with the full support of all the parliamentary representatives, has been promoted for several years within the civil society by the Forum of Family Associations through conferences, study and study meetings, meetings to facilitate a synthesis between the different political forces. In the Marca Trevigiana region, more than 500 people including entrepreneurs, local administrators, academics, sportsmen and women and ordinary people took part in #cimettolafaccia, a social awareness campaign promoted by the Treviso Family Centre.

The measure is addressed to all those who have one or more requirements to benefit from the ANF (Assegno Nucleo Familiare), including self-employed workers, unemployed people, direct farmers, colonists and sharecroppers, pensioners from self-employment.

The purpose of the measure in view of the implementation of the Universal Allowance

The Temporary Allowance is a temporary measure expiring on 31 December 2021, introduced, as foreseen by Law Decree 79/2021, in view of the implementation of the Universal Single Allowance. The Universal Single Allowance is not a measure to fight poverty, but a tool that recognises the strategic centrality of the child as a common good whose parents are entrusted with the right and duty of education and care. A tool, therefore, to support childbirth and simplify regulations, as well as a universal measure intended also for the categories now excluded from the ANF.

The aim is to support parenthood and the social and educational function of families, to counteract childlessness and to facilitate the reconciliation of family life and work, particularly for women.

Disbursement of the Temporary Allowance

The allowance is disbursed according to the number of children and to a decreasing extent as the ISEE level increases, as per the table attached to Decree-Law no. 79/2021. In particular, there is:
  • a minimum ISEE threshold of 7,000, up to which the amounts are payable in full, equal to 167.50 per child in the case of households with one or two children, or 217.80 per child in the case of larger households;
  • a maximum ISEE threshold of 50,000, beyond which the measure is not payable.
The basic amount is increased by 30% per child for households with at least three minor children. There is also a 50 increase for each disabled child.

Making an application

As of 1 July 2021, interested parties may submit an application for the allowance through the INPS web portal, using the online service directly accessible from the INPS homepage, or with the assistance of patronage institutions.

The deadline for sending the application is 31 December 2021.

Only for applications submitted by 30 September 2021 will the Temporary Allowance be granted in full, i.e. from July 2021. In case of later submission, the benefit will be granted from the first day of the month in which the application is submitted.


The Temporary Allowance is compatible with the Citizenship Income and with any other measures in favour of dependent children provided by the Regions, Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and by local authorities. The benefit is also compatible with the allowance for families with at least three minor children, the childbirth allowance, the birth premium, the birth support fund, tax deductions for each child, including recognised natural children, adopted or foster children, additional tax benefits for at least four dependent children, and family allowances (Presidential Decree no. 797/1655).

During the press conference, it was stressed that communication is essential so that everyone can easily take advantage of this tool. The Chamber was willing to promote on its web channels, social networks and newsletters any information on the Temporary Allowance for Minor Children.

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