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Sol&Agrifood Special Edition - TAKE1: From the sea, a natural border to the organic production of the islands - TAKE2: Rising prices for evo oil in the large-scale retail trade

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Source: Veronafiere Press Office

The event closes today at the Verona Exhibition Centre
Take 1 - sol&agrifood special edition: From the sea a natural boundary to organic production on the islands.
The Pantelleria project is born.
Verona, 19 October 2021. On 1 January 2022 the new European organic regulation will come into force, but Italy is already looking beyond. Organic certification is becoming a growth opportunity for an entire community of minor islands and not just an opportunity for farmers to earn income. This is what emerged during the conference 'Minor Islands Oasis of Organic: a goal to be achieved', held at Sol&Agrifood Special Edition, the reference event for quality olive oil, food and craft beer scheduled until today at the Fiera di Verona.
The island, an organic heritage. The island of Pantelleria traces a common path, but not only because of its dry stone walls or bush-trained vines, the world's first agricultural 'treasure', enhanced by its inclusion among UNESCO's intangible heritage. The island of the wind, from which it takes its name, is becoming a development model for the future of the smaller Italian and Mediterranean islands. The challenge is to join forces between all the small and very small local farmers to make the whole area organic, where the sea acts as a border and protects it from contamination [...].
The event closes today at the Verona Exhibition Centre
Take 2- sol&agrifood special edition: prices for evo oil are rising on the shelves of large-scale distribution centres
New markets open up for small producers
Verona, 19 October 2021 - Extra virgin olive oil is once again the protagonist of Sol&Agrifood Special Edition, the reference event for quality evo oil, food and craft beer scheduled until today at Fiera di Verona.
The point on production and market evolution was made during the round table "Market, prices and prospects for the next oil campaign in Italy and the Mediterranean", attended by Claudio Vignoli, international consultant for the oil industry, and Alberto Grimelli, director of Teatro Naturale.
Every year, at this time of year, we witness a whirlwind of numbers that very often do not prove to be true. Every year climate change confronts us with this great unknown, which we must get used to living with [...].

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