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From the Olympics in China to Cortina: Recognition for President Pozza

16/11/2021 | Events |  Press review: Il Gazzettino Belluno

Source: press office Il Gazzettino Belluno

In the year of the great successes of Italian sport, - explains the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza, - we are expanding our medal collection with the Sportsystem award and the 'Generation 2026' project. We are working to make a founding path for young people in view of Milan - Cortina 2026 -. 

President Pozza was recently awarded an Honourable Mention by the jury of the 'Beijing International Ficts Festival' organised by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association for the video 'On the Wings of Chambers: where talent is at home'. 

My compliments - continues President Pozza - to the President of Tecnica Group and Vice-President of Assindustria Veneto Centro Alberto Zanatta for the Guirlande d'honneur received at the World FICTS Challenge for the promotion and enhancement of initiatives in the area to spread the values of the Olympic message with a view to environmental and social sustainability as a driving force for large companies in the area. Companies like Tecnica Group that carry forward tradition and innovation together are "Ambassadors of Made in Italy around the world.

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