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The meeting entitled: artificial intelligence and man: ceding sovereignty to the algorithm? between ethics and law

10/12/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  What are the challenges that Artificial Intelligence poses to the world of Law? How can we prepare for them?

Source: Villorba Municipality Press Office 

Third event of the second edition of A.I.A. - Artificial Intelligence in Agora organised by BiblioTreviso and the Municipality of Villorba with the sponsorship of the Veneto Region, the Province and Municipality of Treviso, ULSS2 Marca Trevigiana, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno and Fabrica, the Benetton Group Communication Research Centre.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms have the capacity to change our lives and societies for the better. But we must not be misled by their ability to act autonomously and automatically. Human beings, citizens, must not abdicate in the face of the power of technology: instead, they must keep a watchful eye to ensure that Artificial Intelligence is at the service of Man and not Humanity at the service of algorithms. What are the challenges that Artificial Intelligence poses to the world of law? How can we prepare for them? 

We will talk about it on Tuesday 14 December starting at 21:00 (online on A.I.A.'s social channels and in presence at the Auditorium Luigi Stefanini in Treviso, which must be accessed with Green Pass) during the meeting entitled ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MAN: "CESSION OF SOVEREIGNTY" TO THE ALGORITHM? BETWEEN ETHICS AND LAW with the participation of: 

Andrea Maria Garofalo, researcher in private law at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, lawyer, lecturer in Private Law. 

Vicenzo Camarda, expert in digital revolution, teacher at the Liceo Classico "V. Gioberti" of Turin and President of the Health and Social Services Commission of the City Council of Turin. 

A.I.A. - Artificial Intelligence in Agora is a project that aims to disseminate information on Artificial Intelligence by showing citizens the different points of impact that artificial intelligence algorithms have and will have on our lives. The A.I.A. formula provides for a series of thematic meetings with experts from various disciplines (medical, legal, economic, industrial) to discuss and learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

Next appointment: 11 January 2022 with the meeting "A.I., MEDICAL HEALTH: CIRCULAR HEALTH: OPPORTUNITIES, CHALLENGES AND CONCRETE STEPS". Speakers: Giovanni Morana and Federico Cabitza.

Info and contacts: E-mail: ufficiostampa@comune.villorba.tv.it;


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