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Enterprises: 332,000 new registrations in 2021

21/01/2022 | Economy |  Improved economic outlook confirmed by data on business start-ups

Source: UnionCamere press office

Rome, 21 January 2022 - The improvement in the outlook for the economy is confirmed by the data on the creation of new businesses but we have not yet returned to pre-pandemic values. 
This is what emerges from the Register of Companies of the Chambers of Commerce, the official registry of Italian companies. 

According to Movimprese - the statistical analysis carried out by Unioncamere and InfoCamere - 2021 closed with a newfound momentum in entrepreneurial activities which, between January and December, recorded 332,596 new registrations (14% more than the previous year). 

After the slowdown imposed in 2020 by the lockdown and the acute phase of the Covid emergency, the rebound in the birth rate did not, however, coincide with a full recovery of the pre-pandemic figure, maintaining a gap of about 20,000 fewer openings than in 2019 and about 50,000 fewer than the average of the pre-Covid decade.

The results of the analysis, - emphasises Unioncamere President Andrea Prete, - show that the trend in registrations is certainly related to the outlook for the economy, but also determined by diversified sectoral trends and public aid policies. The significant contribution made by the southern regions to the growth of the productive fabric is also encouraging.

The upturn in registrations was not matched by a return to a physiological flow of cancellations from Chamber of Commerce registers. 
As noted by Movimprese since the start of the pandemic, even in 2021 the suspensions or restrictions on the exercise of various types of economic activities will determine a "surplace" effect in the closure of companies. 
The 246,000 business closures recorded between January and December last year are the lowest value in the last fifteen years, and even lower than the already record value recorded in 2020.

The annual balance is therefore positive and equal to +86,587 units, still influenced by the effects of the economic situation. In particular, the persistent downward trend in the flow of cancellations suggests great caution in assessing the medium-term scenarios of the evolution of the country's entrepreneurial structure. 

The South of Italy is the area of the country that will record the highest number of registrations in 2021: almost 109,000 new companies were set up last year, against approximately 72,000 closures.
The result shows a positive balance of just under 37 thousand units, one third of which is due to the result of Campania (+12,732).
The North-West increased its stock of companies by more than 20 thousand units, thanks to 91 thousand registrations and 70 thousand cancellations. 
Lombardy stands out in this area with 14 thousand more companies in one year. 
This is followed by Central Italy, with an overall balance of just under 20 thousand companies due to 72 thousand new entries and 52 thousand terminations. 
Latium leads the increase in companies among the central regions, with 14 thousand more companies. 
Finally, the North-East registers the smallest increase in the stock of enterprises (over 9 thousand units), the difference between 60 thousand registrations and 51 thousand terminations. Veneto and Emilia Romagna are the regions with the highest balances.

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