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Call 9 February 2022 - Unicredit Start Lab: for young entrepreneurs developing Impact Innovation projects

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Source: UniCredit press office

9 February 2022 | 2.15 p.m. - 3 p.m.

The protagonists of the online event on 9 February (2.15 - 3pm), organised in collaboration with UniCredit Start Lab, will be innovative start-ups with a high social impact.

The meeting will illustrate the workings and opportunities of Start Lab, UniCredit's well-established business platform for the world of innovation, which has launched a vertical segment dedicated to Impact Innovation.

Thanks to the approach developed in collaboration with Fondazione Triulza, young entrepreneurs with innovative and technological projects with a high social impact will have one more opportunity to join Start Lab.

Doing business with high levels of Impact Innovation is today more than ever a choice that is not only ethical but also economically successful, rewarded by the markets and by national and European relaunch instruments. The aim is to stimulate the development of social impact projects in the innovative start-up sector: 14,000 businesses with an annual growth rate of 18.41% that respond to new needs with high digital and technical skills, speed and flexibility.

The event is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups, social enterprises and cooperatives, recent graduates, incubators, investment funds and support structures for social and youth entrepreneurship.

Speakers: Sabrina Boifava, UniCredit Start Lab Team. With testimonials from the startups Alba Robot and VillageCare.  

We invite you to register for the event through the link below to receive the information and useful indications to participate:

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