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Executive Vice-President Timmermans in Rotterdam for the World Hydrogen Summit and site visits in the city and the Port of Rotterdam

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Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service  

On Tuesday, Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans is in Rotterdam to attend the World Hydrogen 2022 Summit, where he will deliver a keynote speech on the ‘EU leading global hydrogen developments’. Later in the day, Executive Vice-President will visit the city and its port to discuss initiatives to become fossil-gas free, boost the use of renewables and clean hydrogen, and thus accelerate the clean energy transition. The Mayor of the City, Ahmed Aboutaleb, will present 'The Rotterdam Energy package: just and inclusive’, a funding commitment to train young people for green jobs. Executive Vice-President Timmermans will also discuss with civil society organisations, young people and residents of the city about energy transition, employment opportunities and current challenges due to high energy prices. In the afternoon, he will visit the Port of Rotterdam together with CEO Allard Castelein to discuss plans on scaling up green hydrogen and receive the ‘Rotterdam Hydrogen Proposition’. During the port visit, the Executive Vice-President will also discuss and see projects on onshore power, circular economy, biofuels and batteries recycling with different stakeholders.

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