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Mariangela D'Abbraccio kicks off the 44th Circolo Drama Season - Saturday 23 October

19/10/2021 | Events |  Around the songs of Bruce Springsteen considered the poet of the 'blue collars
Third day of CartaCarbone festival, the events of Saturday 16 October

15/10/2021 | Events |  See the programme
In Cavaso del Tomba (TV), a surprising short film by young university students is staged in the Town Hall - Sunday 17 October at 11 a.m.

15/10/2021 | Events |  Enrico Benetta: The difficulties have made us grow both technically and as a team, and this could be the start of future collaboration between us.
4passi Festival: the 15th edition revolves around sustainable cities and communities - In Treviso from 22 to 24 October 2021

14/10/2021 | Events |  Focus on the world of sustainable fashion with the most important companies in this sector, new start-ups and innovative projects. On the programme: ethical fashion show and site-specific installation by Varvara Grankova.

7 Años Gruppo Noi SIamo

12/10/2021 | Events |  Facebook: @CamaraItaloParaguaya
Municipalities working with the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development Networks and tools for more sustainable municipalities

11/10/2021 | Events |  In-person seminars in Treviso (registration deadline 13 October) - and Padua (deadline 19 October)
Are you seeking authentic emotions? Discover the True italian Taste project: genuine origins, true pleasure.

11/10/2021 | Events |  Facebook: @italianchamberforthenetherlands
Tiramisù World Cup won by Stefano from Venice and Elena from Belgium

10/10/2021 | Events |  Here are the two World Champions: Stefano Serafini with the original recipe and Elena Bonali with her creative Tiramisu with prosciutto&melon

Last ITS Academy course selection on 26 October
CartaCarbone - Synergistic information point
Meet the Major International Conferences and Webinars in energy and environmental sector, ASEW 2021 – Virtual Edition 14-16 Oct 2021
Treviso Tourist Information and Reception Office - Upcoming events
On Sunday 3 October Giovanna Castiglioni and Chiara Alessi arrive in Treviso - New weekend of events for [e]design Festival