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Curso de Contratos en Jurisprudencia | A partir del 20 de mayo

28/05/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  Facebook: @CamaraItaloParaguaya
Digitale kompetenzen wie sich die Rolle und die Didaktik von Trainer und Lehrkräften ändern

24/03/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  Abschlussveranstaltung des Projekts E-EDU 4.0 - Überregionales Netzwerk zur Bildung 4.0 Webinar 29.03.2021 von 14.30 bis 17.30 Uhr

The numbers of an adventure to become "stage animals". Veneto TeSeO model: more than 10,000 hours of training, 1358 participants, 48 young artists signed up

25/01/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  From January 7, 2021 the activities are resumed in presence in compliance with safety protocols for the prevention of contagion
4 funded courses to invest in human capital and make small and medium-sized enterprises grow. Master Reloaded of Confartigianato Marca trevigiana Formazione

25/01/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  The courses, each lasting 32 hours, are dedicated to enhancing the skills of employees, in production realities that make payments to Fondartigianato
Theater. Donazzan: Greater awareness of financial issues to make our young people stronger and able to defend themselves. Training. Financial education courses has begun. First meeting January 25

25/01/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  The Digital Live Talks developed by FEduF with the scientific divulgation company Taxi1729 will take place between January 25 and February 26
Webinar on the OMC Wine Register, Thursday, January 21. Anticipations and news for 2021

20/01/2021 | Courses & Conferences |  More dates: Thursday, January 28 and February 4

TICC Webinar: “The importance of sleep and how it touches every aspect of our lives.” with Bumrungrad Hospital
Unioncamere Webinar - CCIU | "The construction market in Hungary"
Webinar Innovation in the control of corn mycotoxins
Webinar Madagascar: Commercial and investment opportunities for Veneto SMEs.
WEBINAR "Vendita del legname e digitalizzazione, stato attuale e prospettive per la regione Veneto"