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The Chamber of Commerce and the tourism systems for Cortina 2021 and Olympic bid 2026

15/11/2018 | Spotlight |  A meeting to establish an effective network of relations and agreements

Cortina, 14th November 2018. The comprehensive tourist system of Cortina, Ampezzo and Treviso is aware that the forthcoming international commitments of Cortina2021 and Olympic Winter Games bid 2026 are a huge challenge that requires the establishment of an active network between public and private organizations, with organizational support, human and financial resources.

To sustain such awareness, the President of Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza has organized a second meeting in Cortina as place of the events Cortina 2021 and Olympic bid 2026, which follows the first one held at Treviso Chamber of Commerce premises on 14th March 2018.

This second meeting at Cortina Municipality premises has involved Cortina Mayor Ghedina, Cortina Hoteliers President and Chamber Counselor Roberta Alverà, Tiziano Simonato as contact point for tourism Assindustria Venetocentro Padua - Treviso, Nicoletta Riccamboni of the tourism coordination Tourism, tertiary sector Assindustria Venetocentro, Federalberghi Treviso President Giovanni Cher, Fondazione Marca Treviso Director Alessandro Martini, Belluno Dolomites tourist district President Gherardo Manaigo, DMO Belluno Director Giuliano Vantaggi, CCIAA Treviso – Belluno Secretary-General Romano Tiozzo.

The Chamber system has already started taking steps - informs Pozza –and I am referring to the unanimous support to the Olympic bid 2026 given by the Chamber Presidents of Triveneto and Lombardy. The Italian Chambers network abroad and the Unioncamere Veneto offices in Bruxelles are already in place in the promotion planning of Cortina2021 worldwide and in sustaining the Olympic bid 2026, in cooperation with companies and territories that host such international events.

The Mayor of Cortina Gianpietro Ghedina underlines – I would like to thank Governor Zaia for the attention that he was able to create around Cortina for its Olympic bid 2026. The certainty is that we have the Region near us, financing and supporting us with its infrastructures. The organizational capacity of our Municipality is limited; therefore, a wide cooperation is required. In fact, relevant budget and technical matters deadlines for the bid support are awaiting us.

President Pozza has then fielded the Economic Observatory of Treviso – Belluno, the members of which are almost all representatives of enterprises’ categories, trade unions and Treviso-Belluno Provincial authority. The Observatory can, previous agreement between all members, start immediately working for the completion of the bid dossier required by CIO commission.
Moreover – underlines Pozza – I have already shared with Governor Zaia our availability in identifying the topics of interest, in order to provide essential figures and information for an efficient strategic organization.

The Chamber of Commerce has suggested formalizing a cooperation agreement between the Economic Observatory and Cortina Municipality. If technical professional are needed, we are available to cooperate. For the program development, we can create a dedicated team and, as Chamber of Commerce, we can allocate the resources dedicated to tourism to a targeted expenditure category for such events.

We, as entrepreneurs, are available ––said Giovanni Cher President of Federalberghi Treviso to create an effective support by identifying work teams and package deals. It is essential – he said – to create a cooperation network for transportation. It is certain the need to establish a coordination with Canova Treviso and Marco Polo Venice Airports.

Manaigo, President of Belluno Dolomites DMO touristic district, has underlined the importance of the airport in Cortina facilitating transportation and avoiding traffic jams, question that could penalize the success of the events and the organization’s image.

It will be essential to focus on territory, but also on the organization of all local territories - has highlighted the President of Cortina Hoteliers and Chamber Counselor Roberta Alverà – such as the management of the events connected to the major events. It is therefore essential to create a share with Fondazione Cortina.

By studying of the potential tourist flows – has suggested Tiziano Simonato contact point for tourism at Assindustria Venetocentro Padua - Treviso – we could evaluate the accommodation system potential that is here today represented. On Friday we will have a meeting of OGD government body, and we will explain to the members this opportunity. As first step, we focus on the Alpine World Ski Championship in 2021. We will focus on how to manage the tourist flows, in order to target people that make reservations on diverse platforms, because they are not able to find online any other offer dedicated to the event. Strategic the infrastructural connection between Treviso and Venice airports, strategic the shuttle connection with Dolomitibus and other transportation companies that needs further improvement.

During the meeting, all aspects connected to the flows circulation have been evaluated taking into account also the Alemagna Road situation that needs to be revised.
The meeting ended with the planning, within the next city and Chamber councils, of the agreements proposal between Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce and Cortina Municipality for the operation of Treviso-Belluno Socio-economic Observatory.

President Pozza has underlined the importance of the cooperation between the different bodies: Chamber of Commerce – Veneto Region, Province, DMO, OGD, Assindustria Veneto Centro, Confcommercio. He has stressed that, in the context of an independent Veneto Region, there would be more resources available. I hope – concludes Pozza – that the Government will give the independency soon. It has been talked about for too long, but it has not yet been formalized.

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