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Source: press office Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce

The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) has set-up a network of Italics Wine Clubs (IWCs) in Indian cities (Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and soon in Chennai), a community of people (the Italics) who have a passion and/or a professional interest towards both learning about Italy and its wine culture and promoting its values.

This community has then become a natural target for:

Italian Wine Producers, to increase the sales of wine through a better informed consumers base, as the community will facilitate their penetration of the Indian market and increase their brand awareness.
Italian Regions and Wine Consortia, to propose specific enogastronomic touristic packages in wine producing areas.

The Activities

The IWCs organize the following activities and initiatives for its individual members:

1.     Training Courses – Angels of Italian Wine in India

Training courses for experts of Italian wines at different levels (Cultore, Mentore, Maestro certification). The target of the training courses will include importers, retailers, HoReCa professionals, journalists, students, people passionate and enthusiast about Italy and Italian Wines.

Organized in different Indian cities, the courses will prepare the attendants to the examination for the Alfiere Italico certification scheme, promoted and owned by Assocamerestero - ICMQ Istituto (Alfiere Italico scheme owners).

2.     Italian Region-specific events

The IWCs will become a platform to support Italian Regions, Consortia and single producers to organize promotional events such as wine and food tasting of producs from specific Italian Regions will be accompanied by cultural initiatives such as movie projections, art/photographic exhibitions, concerts, literary talks and lectures etc etc.


3.     Wine Tours in Italy

Every Italian Wine Club will periodically organize Wine Tours to Italy. This type of tourism will help Indian people to know the beauty of territories and culture related to wine (e.g. Franciacorta, Valdobbiadene, Chianti, Langhe, etc.), besides the traditional and main Italian touristic destinations.


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