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特雷维索-贝卢诺对外贸易出口形势-Treviso and Belluno export figures in brief

25/09/2019 | Economy |  In 2019 the province of Treviso suffered a remarkable downturn in exports. The opposite trend was observed in all the quarters of 2018: Treviso’s export recorded a growth rate of 6.1%. Compared to 2018 the balance trade provided negative results for about 100 million euro.

Source: press office   Studies and Statistics office of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno

2009年,在经历上半年的缩水(-1,5%),以及第一季度的降幅 (-1.7%)后,特雷维索省对外贸易出口下滑幅度较大。反之,2018年特雷维索省对外贸易出口呈增长趋势(+6.1%)。特雷维索省的贸易逆差为1亿欧元,其主要原因是对欧盟以及非欧盟国家的出口欠佳,尤其是对德国(-2.9%-2.6千万欧元)、罗马尼亚(-6.4%,-1.95千万欧元)、捷克共和国(-9.5%,-1.5千万欧元)、中国和香港(-13.1%,-3.1千万欧元)、土耳其(-20.7%,-1.4千万欧元)、和澳大利亚(-18.5%,-1.4千万欧元)出口降幅较大。同期,与非欧盟国家的贸易逆差为8.3千万欧元,而与欧盟国家的为2.8千万欧元。
分国家看,对欧盟主要国家的出口增幅呈上升,尤其是对法国、西班牙(+8.1%,+2.7千万欧元)和英国(+6.9%,+3.1千万欧元)。除美国(+3.7%,1.8千万欧元,增幅远远低于去年的增长+15.8%)、俄罗斯(+3.6%,5.1百万欧元)和加拿大(+11.3%)呈增长趋势外,对其他地区的出口下滑了3.5%,特雷维索外贸出口扭转上年大幅增长趋势(+7.5%)。对印度出口出现了明显的回升,由2018年上半年的3.2千万欧元增加到7.4千万欧元 (2019年上半年的出口份额为+132%)。

2018年上半年,贝卢诺对外贸易出口总量达到1.3亿欧元,对非欧盟国家出口呈现快速增长势头 (8.5千万欧元),尤其是对美国 (作为第一贸易伙伴)和中国/香港的出口增幅较大,而对土耳其市场出口下降4.3%,但贸易降幅比2018年同期为11.6%。

特雷维索-贝卢诺商会主席 Mario Pozza 指出,进入印度、加拿大市场并不容易,抓住西班牙市场机会以及与最有价值的德国公司保持关系,对他来说也都是很大的挑战。第28届世界商会大会为期3天,从2019年10月26日开始,将于10月29日结束。本届大会将由Nuovo Centro Estero、 Assocamerestero 和 Regione Veneto 来主办。特雷维索、帕多瓦、威尼斯-罗维戈商会将举行本次大会,旨在为各国商会提供信息交流的国际化平台。特雷维索-贝卢诺商会主席Pozza指出2019年10月28日特雷维索-贝卢诺商会Sala Borsa将举行的论坛以海外直接投资的吸引力为主题。最后,商会主席Pozza也想要指出特雷维索-贝卢诺商会近期上线了一个详细介绍威尼托大区对外贸易数据和指数的门户网站。他相信,这个网站提供直接可靠的消息。

Economic figures in brief

In 2019 the province of Treviso suffered a remarkable downturn in exports. The drop in the Treviso’s exports was clear in the first quarter of 2019 (-1.7)and it was confirmed by the negative trend recorded in the first six months of the year (-1.5%) . The opposite trend was observed in all the quarters of 2018: Treviso’s export recorded a growth rate of 6.1%. Compared to 2018 the balance trade provided negative results for about 100 million euro.

The decrease in the Treviso’s exports can be ascribed to the substantial drop in flows towards both the European(deficit falling to 28 millions) and the non-European markets (more than 83 million deficit). 

The countries that experienced greatest contraction were Germany (-2,9%,namely the equivalent of 26 million), Romania (-6,4%, -19,5 million), Czech Republic (-9,5% -15 million), China/Hong Kong (-13,1%, -31 million), Turkey (-20,7%, -14 million) and Australia (-18,5%, -14 million).

Meanwhile, the positive trend in exports towards European markets offset the loss in the non-EU markets share. Exports increased towards France (holding on its positive trend), Spain (with a significant recovery: +8,1%, almost +27 million), and the United Kingdom (+6,9%, +31 million): a flare which seems to predict an “anticipated rush” to purchase before the worst happens (no-deal Brexit).

Outside Europe, with the exception of the US (+3,7%, namely almost €18 million, but  still a long way off the figures shown the previous year +15,8%) , Russia(+3,6%, +5,1 million) and Canada(+11,3%), all the others non-European markets are being negatively affected by the general decrease in exports of the province of Treviso (negative trends dropped -3.5% against +7.5% of the previous year). Flows towards the Indian market were characterized by positive discontinuity: in 2018 the export value amounted to 32 million euro, while the first half of the year saw an increase of +132% (namely over 74 million).

At a sectorial level, the clear contraction in export experienced by the province of Treviso can be ascribed to the decrease in machinery sales (-4,5%)  as a result of the decline in machinery investments. In view of these data, we now take a closer look at sectorial dynamics.

The positive performance in Belluno exports is mainly due to the optical sector, which accounts for more than 72% of provincial exports. The US is the leading market for Belluno optical products (+6.9)and exports increased towards non-European markets (+9,5%). Apart from this exception, Belluno’s productivity growth is rather stagnant (+1,6%).

Overall, the province of Belluno recorded an increase in export values of €130 million against the first half of 2018. Export flows towards non-European markets remain the driving force behind growth bringing the export value to almost €85 million. The Us is the leading market for Belluno’s provincial exports and recorded a sales growth of 13.9% (namely 60 million). Exports also increased towards China/Hong Kong, the second largest import market (+10,7%, +14,5 million). Conversely, figures relating to exports towards Turkey have weakened (-4,3% -2 million), this negative trend was observed in the same period of 2018 (-11.6%).

Among the European markets providing the largest positive contribution to the growth of provincial exports are: Spain (+14,6%; +19,6 million), Germany which is the second-largest import market (+3,1%, +5,6 million), France that recorded a decrease of €3 million (-1,2%) and the United Kingdom (-6,7 million, -4,7%). Positive contributions also come from North Europe: Sweden(+67,6%), Denmark (+54,7%)  and Netherlands (+8,3%) contribute positively to growth (17 million).

Although  there are still markets marked by interesting growth rates- explains President Pozza –however, when it comes to entering Indian or Canadian markets or maintaining log-term relations with German consolidated industries and seizing opportunities deriving from the dynamic Spanish market, this is the real challenge we face. 

That’s why I want to stress the importance of the renovated Nuovo Centro Estero that together with Assocamere and Regione Veneto organized the 28th edition of the Worldwide Convention of Italian Chambers Of Commerce Abroad.

The Convention will take place in the Veneto region, from 26th to 29th October 2019. The event, organized by the Chambers of Commerce of Treviso -Belluno | Dolomites and Venezia Rovigo, has always been an important opportunity to strengthen the relationships among the Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad network, Institutions and Italian business realities.

As part of the work of the Convention-underlines President Pozza-on the morning of Monday 28 October 2019, at Sala Borsa of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites, will take place the inaugural Conference entitled Industrial collaborations as a new frontier of internationalization. 

The event will represent an important moment of confrontation to deal with the topic of attracting foreign investments in Italy which are a key issue of internationalization. 

In the end, I am pleased to inform you that the website of the Chamber of Commerce provides  an interactive service through which you can consult and visualize all the economic indexes. From this quarter on, the section devoted to international trade data is available. I am sure that as far as internationalization is concerned-concludes President Pozza-the information provided by our website can be a useful tool for everyone. 

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