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Vaccines: contract between European Commission and AstraZeneca now published

02/02/2021 | Economy | 

Source: European Commission Spokesperson's Service  

Following the renewed request from the European Commission on 27th January 2021, pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has agreed to publish the redacted contract signed between the two parties on 27th August 2020.

The Commission welcomes the company's commitment towards more transparency in its participation in the rollout of the EU Vaccines Strategy.

Transparency and accountability are important to help build the trust of European citizens and to make sure that they can rely on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines purchased at the EU level.

The Commission hopes to be able to publish all contracts under the Advance Purchase Agreements in the near future.

The contract published today contains redacted parts pertaining to confidential information such as details of invoices. The AstraZeneca contract is the second one to be published, after CureVac has agreed to publish the Advance Purchase Agreement with the European Commission.

A press release with more information, and the full text of the contract are available here.


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