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Shrewsbury’s Early offers to world-class universities

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  Thai - Italian Chamber of Commerce

  • Two Cambridge and Three Oxford offers
  • US offers include Stanford, Cornell, UPenn, Northwestern, Tufts so far
  • 1:7 graduates to attend medical school in Thailand and UK
Whilst excitement builds around the August opening of a new 1.1 billion THB Innovation Building and Sports Performance Complex, Shrewsbury International School’s Class of 2021 are already celebrating early offers from some of the world’s best universities, further enhancing the school’s unparalleled reputation for academic excellence and university success.
Despite the continued disruption of COVID-19 for university hopefuls around the world, Shrewsbury has continued to support students in their applications to leading institutions. Over 300 offers have been received so far - including several of the most highly-ranked universities and colleges in the world; a true testament to the hard work and dedication of Shrewsbury’s outstanding students and staff. A full list of offers is expected by May.

This year, at least 14 students will start their journey to becoming doctors in Thailand and overseas. An area of significant expertise at Shrewsbury, one in seven students from the graduating Class of 2021 will begin their higher education at medical school. In particular, these achievements highlight the considerable efforts made by Shrewsbury’s award-winning Higher Education (HE) team, who continue to represent students and give them the best chance of accessing the university programmes of their choice.

To read more about the Class of 2021, their achievements and university offers so far click here.



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