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May 20 kicks off the 43rd season of prose. It starts again!

03/05/2021 | Events |  The deadline to communicate the subscription is May 7

Source: Belluno Culture and Press Club press office

Belluno, April 30, 2021 - WE'RE STARTING AGAIN: now it's official! On May 20, after almost 16 months, the Circolo Cultura e Stampa Bellunese (Belluno Culture and Press Club) will return to the Municipal Theater of Belluno with its 43rd "mini" Season of Prose to give a sign of a return to normality, given that - according to the rules currently in force - the 4 shows will serve more than anything else to make up for the lost shows of the past season to those who had already purchased them.

The playbill will start on Thursday, May 20 with Il reggimento parte all'alba.
Storia di Ottavio Sebastian, by Dino Buzzati, with Giuseppe Nitti.

The Circle's tribute to the Supreme Poet will be Saturday, June 12 with the overwhelming performance of Lucilla Giagnoni in Virgin Mother: songs, comments and stories of a soul in search of salvation, from Dante's Divine Comedy. The show won, among others, the Persephone Award as best show on television for dramaturgy and direction.

Saturday, June 19 will be staged in premiere a show born from an idea of Sandro Buzzatti, and co-produced by the Circle and the Foundation Teatri delle Dolomiti to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Andrea Zanzotto. Caro Andrea is the title inspired by the incipit of the letter that Federico Fellini wrote to the poet to ask him for a poetic contribution for his CASANOVA. Sandro Buzzatti will have the special task of crossing, with simplicity and with the wisdom that belongs to him, the crystalline and fulminating complexity of Zanzotto's words, the message that he sends to the world of today and tomorrow, and the great wonder that his brilliant words can arouse.

On Saturday 26th June we will conclude with Lungo la traccia, by Luciano Cecchinel, recently awarded the Viareggio Prize for Poetry, with Sandro Buzzatti. This, like the first show, was part of the 42nd Season interrupted due to Covid:
At the first ray of sunshine that allowed us to restart - commented the Director, Luigino Boito - we decided to take our 43rd Season of Prose by the hand, albeit limited to 4 shows. We trust in the understanding of subscribers and spectators regarding the fact that the big companies have not given any availability of circuiting if not from next winter, and for this reason we decided to create a mini-season, based on some great writers from Veneto, to arrive at the Supreme Poet Dante in the eighteenth century of his death, and to as many actors with proven ability.

A concrete sign of restart, we said at the beginning, which will be accompanied by a huge organizational effort: For subscribers - explain the staff - these 4 appointments will complete the enjoyment of the shows of the season interrupted by Covid. After confirming their participation, they need only show up at the theater with their subscription to the 42nd Season of Prose. For those who, instead, have purchased one of the shows not staged, simply contact the Circle to book one of the 4 new options.

The deadline for communicating your subscription is May 7!

Regarding the seats - continue from Piazza Mazzini, headquarters of the Club - considering the stringent anti-Covid rules, once counted the participants, we will try to assign the positions more similar to those already booked. Considering the exceptionality of the situation, we ask everyone, as of now, to understand us.

Finally, since there is currently a curfew set at 22:00, we will have to schedule the shows at 19:00 and, depending on the number of adhesions, we will schedule any replicas in the afternoon or in other evenings, which we will promptly report.

For now, the will is to restart in the best possible way, trusting that soon the situation will return to normal: for reservations, cancellations or info, we invite everyone to contact the club at 0437/948911 or, via email, at info@ccsb.it.

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