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Training School Partecipare il Presente. The associations of business, labor, volunteerism and municipalities met with the Bishop of Treviso Mons. Michele Tomasi

26/05/2021 | Events |  Representatives of the economic categories, trade unions, municipalities and volunteers attended the meeting. Bertuola: It was natural to create this path by involving a number of organizations, different from each other in terms of objectives and social and political sensitivity

Source: Assindustria Venetocentro press office

(Treviso - 25.05.2021) - It's important to participate in the Present, to work together for the common good - this is how the Bishop of Treviso Monsignor Michele Tomasi greeted the representatives of the 19 associations and trade unions at the meeting promoted in the Diocese by the school of social and political formation active in Treviso since 2005.

In reviewing the experience of the school, its President Luca Bertuola recalled how: It was natural to create this path by involving several realities, different from each other both for objectives and for social and political sensibility. Indeed, the challenge and the goal were just that. To create a pre-political place that represented the idea of social complexity and the synthesis of social realities active in the territory. For 16 years it has been offering training courses to citizens with over 300 public meetings, and now also schools (over 1000 students participating) and young people from the Civil Service.

The common good is not the sum of the parts - said the Bishop -, it is working together to allow people to reach their fullness, looking together where the good lies. Interdependence is a gift, we are part of a Creation, for which we have the social and environmental responsibility to find ways to walk in the same direction -. And Monsignor Tomasi recalled what Pope Francesco said during his recent visit to Iraq, from Ur: It is up to us to be able to do as Abraham did, to look at the sky, see the stars, and set out on the journey. It is up to us not to leave anyone behind, to start a choral journey to recreate community identity.

It's up to us' is also the message of the Community Fund promoted by the Diocese, presented during the meeting by Don Davide Schiavon, director of Caritas Tarvisina. A support to families and microcredit to businesses, to recover after the pandemic. In a few weeks, at the five counters and through the reports of one hundred 'sentinel families', situations of difficulty have begun to emerge, often hidden for modesty, to which concrete support is being given. This is to all intents and purposes a territorial welfare project in which all associations and organizations can contribute with their knowledge and tools, including sectoral ones, not to mention the concrete contribution, according to their possibilities, that each person can give. A project that continues and that will see the involvement of the associations of Partecipare il Presente.

The Social and Political Training School Partecipare il Presente, established in 2005, today sees the collaboration between: ACLI Treviso, Artigianato Trevigiano - Casartigiani, Assindustria Venetocentro, Associazione Comuni della Marca Trevigiana, CIA Treviso, CGIL Treviso, CISL Belluno Treviso, CNA Treviso, Confagricoltura Treviso, Confartigianato Imprese Marca Trevigiana, Confcooperative Belluno e Treviso, Confesercenti Treviso, EBicom Ente Bilaterale territoriale della provincia di Treviso, Federmanager Treviso Belluno, Forum delle Associazioni Familiari della provincia di Treviso, Pastorale Sociale e del lavoro Diocesi di Treviso, UCID Unione Cristiana Imprenditori Dirigenti, Unascom Confcommercio Treviso e Volontarinsieme CSV Treviso.

In 2011, the Association Partecipare il Presente was created with the commitment to promote cultural growth in the area, through in-depth analysis of reference values and ethics of work and the economy, and to contribute to the competitive development of local systems by promoting synergies and networks between economic, social and institutional actors.

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