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Zampol reconfirmed as Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce. Pozza expresses programmatic lines

08/07/2021 | Economy |  Meeting of the Chamber Council and settlement of the Council. The new names.

Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Comemrce Treviso - Belluno | Dolomiti

Treviso, 07 July 2021 - Nadia Zampol from Belluno has been reconfirmed as Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomiti.

She is joined by the new members of the Chamber Council elected by today's Chamber Council.

Here are the names: Lionello Caregnato Industry Sector - Giovanni Cher Trade Sector - Ivana del Pizzol Handicraft Sector - Angelo Facchin Agriculture Sector - Katia Marchesin Industry Sector - Pierluigi Sartorello Trade Sector - Nadia Zampol Industry Sector.

My compliments, - said President Pozzato Vice-President Zampol and the new Council with whom I will be happy to work with new energy and total commitment for all the projects we have underway and which I outlined in the programme lines expressed in my speech during the Chamber Council held today. I am pleased to have listened the interesting speeches of some of the councillors with ideas that will provide valuable inspiration for the work we will be engaged in over the next five years.

I would like to underline - said the President - that the election of the Council was by acclamation, which is a further sign that the choices made by the men and women on the Council are shared and reflect the vision of the Chamber of Commerce, which is supported in its projects by the world of trade associations.

The main points of the programme lines:

  • Reform of the Chambers of Commerce
  • Major infrastructures
  • The function of the intermediate bodies of representative organisations
  • Innovation  
  • Digitalisation of enterprises
  • Internationalisation
  • Chamber finance
  • Sustainability
  • Respect for the environment,
  • The social responsibility of our companies
  • Care for Human Capital
  • The culture of legality

Attached are the President's speech on the policies and the photos of the Council members.

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