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Women Empowerment Project E-Women Lab

24/08/2021 | Events |  Applications due by 10 September 2021

Source: press office eBay and Dintec - Agency for the Chamber of Commerce

The female empowerment project "E-Women Lab", born from a partnership between eBay and Dintec - Agency of the Chambers of Commerce specialised in innovation and digital issues - gives the opportunity to 40 female entrepreneurs to carry out a qualification and professional updating course on the theme of e-commerce and to benefit from technical support for the opening of a virtual shop on eBay.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of their level of digital skills as measured by the Digital Skill Voyager (when registering for the test it is necessary to use "EBAY2021_" followed by one's first name.surname - e.g.: EBAY2021_maria.rossi) and selecting the female entrepreneurs who have obtained the highest score in the shortest time.

The initiative is free of charge and applications must be received by 10 September.

For further details, consult the Dintec website in the "ongoing projects" section.

To request information, send an e-mail to pid.cciaa@unioncamere.it or info@imprenditoriafemminile.camcom.it, specifying "E-Women Lab" in the subject line.

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