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Treviso exports of machinery +61.4% in India

17/05/2010 | Economy |  Conference on India and Italy held in Treviso with university professionals and institutional representatives

Anilkumar, Vizzotto e Sarvajit Chakravarti all''università Cà Foscari a Treviso

Indian economy and the role of Italian companies were dealt with - during a seminar held in Treviso - by Andrea Goldstein (OECD, Paris), Sarvajit Chakravarti (Indian Consul General, Milan), Giuseppe Tattara (Ca' Foscari University, Venice), Mario Vizzotto (Head of International Business Department at Unindustria Treviso).

It was the occasion to get to know the country towards which Treviso exports of machinery totalled a 61.4% increase, according to the recent annual economic report by Treviso Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Actually, India is a strong-performing country which hasn't completely emerged yet, unlike other fast-moving markets. «It might possibly present itself expressly to promote its economy, thus fostering new trade relations».

trevisobellunosystem editorial staff asked the Indian Consul General in Milan, Mr Sarvajit Chakravarti, whether there are opportunities for our small businesses and entrepreneurs in India.

- This is what we’ve been working on. We collaborate with governmental institutions like provinces, regional governments and Chambers of Commerce to identify small and medium enterprises in Italy which have an international level product and find them partners so that they can upscale their production to increase their manufacturing quality. To take Italy worldwide through India, because India loves Italy and everything it produces.

So India likes Italy, it’s a very important thing...

- Yes: Italian food, clothing, jewellery...if it’s Italian, India buys it, including spacecraft. So we have a great deal of interest since most of our economy is based on small and medium enterprises and we have to find a fit, not just of business but also cultural. So we’ve been trying to find these opportunities, real opportunities for Italian SMEs. We have a delegation of SMEs from twelve regions going there in December and we have a delegation coming from India very soon. We are just discussing about identifying SMEs to find partners for.

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