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Fabio Tonini Consulenze
Company name Fabio Tonini Consulenze
Address Via delle Acquette 71C
Link www.fabiotonini.com/
Social Network www.facebook.com/ftonini
Linkedin it.linkedin.com/in/ftonini/it#:~:text=Rilasciato%204%20giugno%202019%20Italia102017000009805
Youtube www.youtube.com/c/FabioToniniIT/featured
Email info@ftonini.com
Phone +39 335 8005114
Fax +390422 0331121
Business sector
Activities description Production  Trade  Services 
Sector Informatics, Software, Web
Company description I design super cool projects. Iím an expert about digital strategy, I want to aid all SME companies that wants to grow up with Information and Communication Technology inside the company system and outside as first communication channel with there clients and customers. I can design beautiful type faces for both digital and print media. I have been for twelve years in a printing and communication company that made beautiful and emotional commercial catalogues for the leaders of the market about design, furniture, food, wine and so on. Iím a temporary manager. You can hire me. My personal skills are build across the Internet and Technology universe but I understand also very well all the needing of the administrative and financials management. My goal is finalized to fit with the business objectives of my business clients. Iím analyst. I try to read, manage and monitor the big numbers of a company to create successfull dashboard to monitor the follow up.

For more information please write to: info@trevisobellunosystem.com
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