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Fabbian Illuminazione s.r.l.
Company name Fabbian Illuminazione s.r.l.
Address Via Santa Brigida 50
31023 RESANA
frazione: castelminio di resana
Link www.fabbian.com
Social Network www.facebook.com/Fabbianlighting/?fref=ts
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/3006558
Instagram www.instagram.com/fabbianlighting/
Youtube www.youtube.com/user/Fabbianilluminazione
Email info@fabbian.com
Phone +39 0423 4848
Fax +39 0423 484395
Business sector
Activities description Production  Trade  Services 
Sector Wood and Furniture
Company description Fabbian was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for residential and commercial purposes. This culture, along with tradition and quality, has always inspired our products, allowing the company to achieve international recognition and stature. Great results have been achieved through continuous research aimed at interpreting the market demand, while implementing specific marketing and advertising strategies. The company is based in the North East of Italy, where all collections are conceived, developed and manufactured. Thanks to the collaboration with renowned architects and designers and a technologically advanced production plant, all products have their own distinctive design. Since May 2018, Fabbian has changed owners: it was acquired by entrepreneur Luca Pellegrino, who brought along a new corporate vision packed-full of new projects, and transformed all the products into low-energy and environmentally-friendly LED products, thus combining design and sustainability. The company is based in Italy, where all collections are manufactured. Thanks to the collaboration with many international designers, the company personally reinterprets modern design through a number of different styles and cutting-edge production technology. High quality and reliable components are an essential part of the products. The construction, assembly and wiring of the products are carefully carried out, through flexible systems. Each step in the production cycle is controlled in order to obtain products that comply with the standard safety regulations. Indeed, Fabbian products meet the strict requirements imposed by the major international certification authorities. Moreover, the company provides an after-sales service. Not only does Fabbian provide information and solutions regarding the use of its products, but it supports customers through an efficient spare parts service as well. Fabbian markets its product through a well-established network of agents and retailers in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Whereas in the American market, Fabbian reaches its customers through an affiliate company based in New York.

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