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Filmont S.r.l.
Company name Filmont S.r.l.
Address Via Piave 74
frazione: caselle di altivole
Link www.filatiricamo.it/
Social Network www.facebook.com/Filatiricamoit-533351320125443/
Email info@filmont.com
Phone +39 0423 915266
Fax +39 0423 915283
Business sector
Activities description Production  Trade  Services 
Sector Clothing, Textiles, Leather and Shoes
Company description Filmont srl was established in 1983 in Montebelluna as a dealer of the Madeira brand and, already offering a wide range of supports and accessories, soon became a reference point in the Triveneto area for the wholesale of threads and articles for industrial embroidery as well as for technical assistance for ZSK embroidery machines. Having rapidly developed a vast clientele, in 1991 Filmont moved to Altivole, its present headquarters, where it succeeded in further expanding its range of yarns by adding, among others, the Bruneel, Tre Stelle, Kin, etc. brands. In order to meet the needs of an increasingly more avant-garde clientele, the company continually expands its range of fliselles, films, adhesives, scissors, etc., always offering products in step with the times. Given the trends of an increasingly fermenting market, Filmont also offers a well-stocked range of fashion accessories such as rhinestones, studs, sequins, chains and beads, all in various shapes and colors. After a first approach to the web in 2004 with a small website-showcase, it is in 2009 that begins the adventure in e-commerce with a completely renovated site and fully equipped with technical data of the products marketed as well as full of tips and advice for their use. It is thanks to a wide range of articles always available, to an accurate service, and to the staff always available and up to the mark that Filmont for over 25 years continues to be the ideal partner, ready to provide the appropriate advice for the work needs of its customers.

For more information please write to: info@trevisobellunosystem.com
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