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Tbdotcom   Treviso Enterprises Ready-Web
d.m. s.r.l.
Company name d.m. s.r.l.
Address Via Del Sole 35
Link www.sospersonalshopper.it
Email info@sospersonalshopper.it
Phone 0438 8011882
Business sector
Activities description Production  Trade  Services 
Sector Travel agency
Company description Sospersonalshopper.

We make your dreams come true!


We’re a group of people with amazing eye for detail, loads of great taste and heaps of energy. We’ve got the “know how” to really make your dreams come true: all you have to do is to give us an idea. The rest is up to us!

The idea for Sospersonalshopper was created to solve all those day to day dilemmas which our work and home lives throw at us, such as:

“Need a new shirt…but no time to shop”

“Hurry up! It’s late!”

“Where can I take my wife/husband for dinner?”

“No idea what to wear today / tonight?”

“Damn! I forgot the birthday present for…”

“We’ve got a very important customer coming, who’s going to show him/her round?”

“Is there a good restaurant near the hotel where I’m staying?”

“Dinner at home!”

“You ask for the moon!”

Here, at www.sospersonalshopper.com, is a group of qualified consultants who will help you find the style that suits you best, create a new look just for you, take you to the most exclusive shops, rearrange your wardrobes, give you some new ideas for thoughtful gifts, make purchases for you on demand, track down the right place for a romantic dinner or find the perfect spa for your most important customer. We’ll keep you updated on the latest trends, help you customize your requirements so they really fit your every need, but most of all we’ll save you time and money!


For more information please write to: info@trevisobellunosystem.com
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