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Idea ferro di Cecchinato Stefano
企业名称 Idea ferro di Cecchinato Stefano
地址 Via dell'Artigianato, 1
31030 CASIER
frazione: dosson di casier
企业网址 www.ideaferro.com
Social Network www.facebook.com/barbecueideaferro/
邮件 info@ideaferro.com
电话 +39 0422382562
经营范围 生产业  商业  服务业 
进口  出口 
行业、材料、货品的列表 汽车 、摩托车 、船舶
Idea Ferro is a leader in the garden and street furniture sector. Idea Ferro was founded in 1968 by Mr. Cecchinato Armando, who for thirty years identified it with his name, accompanied by the phrase "Artistic Ironworking". The commercial production of Idea Ferro is developed in the area of gardening and greenery in general, such as balcony planters, wall planters, indoor and outdoor planters, as well as equipment for fireplaces, wood and gas garden barbecues, steel and soapstone grills, and accessories for the home. Our customer portfolio, in fact, does not include shopping centres and large-scale distribution, thus offering better communication between customer and company and a better quality-price ratio. Our products, manufactured with care and attention to even the smallest details, are delivered to PRIVATE PARTIES and COMPANIES also directly to their homes.


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