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特雷维索企业   venetodotcom
G.B. S.r.l.
企业名称 G.B. S.r.l.
地址 Via Cima Gogna, 56 Z.I.
32041 Auronzo di Cadore
企业网址 gb-eyewear.com/
Social Network www.nik03.com/
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/g.b.-srl/
邮件 info@gbocchiali.it
电话 +39 0435 9878
经营范围 生产业  商业  服务业 
进口  出口 
行业、材料、货品的列表 医学与光学仪器 、钟表
Today G.B., in its new home in the artisanal and industrial district of Auronzo di Cadore, is a leading producer of metal glasses. Not only did the company survive the destructive financial and sociological hurricane of delocalisation (which blew away many glasses companies in the area) but it also grew. Its workforce became stronger and the company embarked on new adventures.

Proud of its past but always focused on the fresh opportunities that the industry offers.

The results: the level of know-how grew with the addition of new machinery and computerised 3D design programmes; a developed knowledge of marketing techniques secured a place for G.B. products within the worldwide market; a competent and professional team able to satisfy the needs and wants of an international client base was formed.

Look straight ahead to the future, together, like at the beginning.


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