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Associazione Turistica ARABBA FODOM TURISMO
企业名称 Associazione Turistica ARABBA FODOM TURISMO
地址 Via Mesdì 66/A-B
32020 Livinallongo del Col di Lana
frazione: arabba di livinallongo del col di lana
企业网址 www.arabba.it/it/home/1-0.html
Social Network it-it.facebook.com/arabbadolomites/
Linkedin it.linkedin.com/company/arabba-fodom-turismo
Instagram www.instagram.com/arabba_dolomites/?hl=it
邮件 info@arabba.it
电话 +39 0436 780019
经营范围 生产业  商业  服务业 
进口  出口 
行业、材料、货品的列表 旅游、旅行社
Arabba Fodom Turismo is a tourist association, established in 1986. The main goal is creation of conditions for promotion and development the tourism in Arabba - Fodom Valley. The resort (1,600 m above sea level) is located just 2 hours from Venice Airport, in the heart of the Dolomites-UNESCO and is part of the world-famous Dolomiti SuperSki & SuperSummer 揷arousel, offering skiers and hikers/mountain bikers over 1,200 km of slopes and trails. In Summer Arabba is one Italy抯 top locations for cycling lovers.


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