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La Francescana Societ Coop. Agricola
ҵ La Francescana Società Coop. Agricola
ַ Via Novegno 8
32030 Arsi
ҵַ www.lafrancescana.info
ʼ lafrancescana@gmail.com
+39 043 959195
+39 043 959624
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For over 50 years we have been raising cows whose milk is given to the Lattebusche social dairy. We breed about 800 Friesian cows and the breeding aims to produce milk with a high fat and protein content, such as the "Piave DOP" cheese. The milk of each cow is monitored along with the good health of the animal to guarantee a good and safe product. We want to show that good agricultural practices can be combined with love for animals and compliance with regulations to implement a sustainable farming model that generates income.


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