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Officina Stellare
企业名称 Officina Stellare
地址 Via Della Tecnica 87/89
36030 Sarcedo
企业网址 www.officinastellare.com/
Social Network www.facebook.com/Officina-Stellare-290742575321/
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/officina-stellare-srl/
邮件 info@officinastellare.com
电话 +39 0445370540
经营范围 生产业  商业  服务业 
进口  出口 
行业、材料、货品的列表 汽车 、摩托车 、船舶
Officina Stellare is an Italian company with a proven background in the design and manufacturing of optomechanical instrumentation for professional applications.

The wide range of products includes optical payload for Earth imaging satellites, "turn key" astronomical research observatories, Space Situational Awareness and debris tracking solutions, aerospace and defense applications, astroimaging systems, CCD cameras and optical antennas (laser communications).

Officina Stellare is ISO9000 quality certified.


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