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L' Antica Fattoria Snc
企业名称 L' Antica Fattoria Snc
地址 Via Fracasso 22
30036 Santa Maria di Sala
企业网址 www.facebook.com/lanticafattoriamogno
Social Network www.facebook.com/lanticafattoriamogno
Instagram www.instagram.com/lanticafattoria/
邮件 info@lanticafattoria.net
电话 +393338145387
经营范围 生产业  商业  服务业 
进口  出口 
行业、材料、货品的列表 食品、饮料
Lino Mogno has given this great gift to his children Luca and Olinda; Enthusiasm and passion for a profession that in 2020 still lives on. Attention to the customer, together with a wink at the quality and goodness of the gastronomy products that are brought to the various markets, but above all a family atmosphere steeped in history, make the difference. The company's origins date back to 1958 in Cornuda, near Montello; in that year Lino started his own business, through his activity as a "casein". In the years that followed, he embarked on the road to innovation and decided to be one of the first home-based food hawkers, with a vehicle that was nothing short of futuristic at the time (we are talking about the 60s and 70s). The real turning point for the company's future came in 1983, when the drastic decision was taken to abandon the door-to-door market and to work in city markets in another product sector: cooked and raw meat and poultry. During the 80's, the sons began to work alongside their father, until they took over the same tasks and followed him in running the business. In agreement with the sons, the company underwent its last evolution in 2000, when it underwent its current transformation, with the complete changeover to a fry shop, delicatessen and rotisserie. They also supply parties, festivals and communities from their well-stocked warehouse. And the arrow always points towards the future, towards the centre of an ever-evolving target. The staff at L'Antica Fattoria are precise, fast and directed towards standards of quality and service that can make all the difference. At a time when companies are suffering, having the longest possible eye helps, and not just a little. And the Mogno family has always, and above all DA always, had the ability to translate market signals into action to bring quality, service and competence to its customers. If you are a regular visitor to the various markets in the Mirano and Brenta Riviera areas, you will certainly have seen the Antica Fattoria truck. When you buy from this company, you are buying a piece of history, of craftsmanship, of passion.


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