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P.M.P. S.p.a.
Nombre empresa P.M.P. S.p.a.
Dirección Via Geron 4
frazione: loc. rai di san polo di piave
Sitio web www.pmp-hangers.com
Correo electrónico info@pmp-hangers.com
Teléfono +39 0422 855058
Tipo de actividad Manufactura  Comercio  Servicios 
Importaciones  Exportaciones 
Sector de actividad Productos químicos, goma, plástico
Pmp is a company specialising in the production of plastic clothes hangers (coat hangers, hangers, hangers). Angelo Spricigo had the great entrepreneurial intuition to anticipate what would later become an international need. In 1967 he founded P.M.P. specialising in the production of clothes hangers, designing the first models himself. Initially, P.M.P.'s business was strongly linked to the Italian market only. Over the years, the contribution of the new generation led to important investments that made a process of growth and expansion possible. Even today, 53 years later, P.M.P. is still evolving.

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