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Nombre empresa F.LLI CANIL SPA
Dirección Via Monte Antelao 8
31037 LORIA
frazione: bessica di loria
Sitio web canil.com/
Correo electrónico info@canil.com
Teléfono +39 0423 4711
Fax +39 0423 470466
Tipo de actividad Manufactura  Comercio  Servicios 
Importaciones  Exportaciones 
Sector de actividad Transporte, expediciones, almacenamiento
A leading European company, Canil SpA provides road and combined transport services relating to liquid chemical products as well as the rental of semi-trailers and tank-containers. Transport of all ADR class products, including at high temperatures. The company boasts a large and efficient fleet of vehicles, an agile and punctual organisation and a marked vocation for service. It operates according to principles of global safety and is committed on a daily basis to ensuring the satisfaction of its clients Canil SpA is a major concern in the transport industry, both in Europe and beyond. The corporate headquarters are in Italy, with a branch office in the Slovakian Republic. Logistic platforms distributed throughout the country are strategic hubs of a closely-knit transport network which ensures easier trade between the Countries of the different geographic areas.

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