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A.S.N. di De Luca Silvana & C. S.N.C. Atelier Silvana
Nombre empresa A.S.N. di De Luca Silvana & C. S.N.C. Atelier Silvana
Dirección Via Italia 34/G
Sitio web www.ateliersilvana.it
Correo electrónico info@ateliersilvana.it
Social Network www.facebook.com/ateliersilvana.it
Teléfono +39 0438 402.88
Tipo de actividad Manufactura  Comercio  Servicios 
Importaciones  Exportaciones 
Sector de actividad Confección, productos textiles, artículos de cuero y calzado
The Silvana clothes have always been synonymous with elegance and refinement

and represent a purely style related to Made in Italy able to enhance the personality and femininity of every woman,

for a precise choice of style.

Thanks to a long experience and a prestige that has lasted for so many years in the field of high fashion, in our workshop you will be provided a real valuable support with indication on style, trends and matching accessories.

Unique Pieces Tailored. High Quality Materials and Exclusive Creations.

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