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Hotel Auronzo
Nombre empresa Hotel Auronzo
Dirección Via Roma 30
32041 Auronzo di Cadore
Sitio web www.hotelauronzo.eu
Correo electrónico info@hotelauronzo.eu
Social Network www.facebook.com/auronzohotel/
Teléfono +39 0435 400202
Fax +39 0435 99879
Tipo de actividad Manufactura  Comercio  Servicios 
Importaciones  Exportaciones 
Sector de actividad Hostelería, restaurantes, bares
HOTEL AURONZO A Pearl on the banks of Lake S. Caterina. On the banks of the beautiful Lake S. Caterina, you can find the elegant and refined structure of Auronzo Hotel. Just passed the entrance, you will feel like you are in a building from the old times, however with a contemporary touch that makes common spaces very pleasant to experience. The hotel has been hosting famous characters since 1856, among which we can find numerous popes, general Cadorna, poet Quasimodo and, for around 10 years, S.S. Lazio football team.

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