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Pilla Sapore Free
Nombre empresa Pilla Sapore Free
Dirección Via Zane 4
30027 San Donà di Piave
Sitio web www.pillasaporefree.it/
Correo electrónico info@pillasaporefree.it
Social Network www.facebook.com/pillasaporefree/?ref=page_internal
Teléfono +39042144251
Tipo de actividad Manufactura  Comercio  Servicios 
Importaciones  Exportaciones 
Sector de actividad Productos alimenticios y bebidas
A shop specialising in the sale of vegan, organic and allergen-free food products specific for intolerances and coeliac disease (dry, fresh and frozen) in San Donà di Piave. Over time, our passion and desire to gratify our customers have pushed us to always look for new companies and new food proposals, in order to offer the widest choice of certified gluten free, lactose free and milk free products, which satisfy the palate and creativity in the kitchen.

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